Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Tentative Step In The Right Direction, Maybe

Some guy came in smoking at the Arkansas Democratic party HQ in Little Rock, yesterday, and he managed to plug the party chairman, who is now in the hospital.

Before we start applauding, we might want to wait and see whether the shooter acted on a political or racial or social motive. Apparently when he's not trying to put niggers in the White House, this suit who got ventilated was a used car salesman, so it could be something to do with selling somebody a junk car, or he could have been screwing the shooter's wife or vice versa, or the shooter could simply be nuts.

We get a lot of that in America, unfortunately. If we could direct just a tiny amount of the, uh, personal exuberance we display over money or personal problems or just plain craziness into political and racial channels, our problems would be solved. Americans will do for money in a heartbeat what other nations will do for principle or out of a sense of justice or duty.

So let's wait and see what this turns out to be. Most likely some squalid and sordid little all-American tale of sex and drugs and rock and roll, and the fact that the guy who caught the slug was trying commit an abomination was purely incidental.

Still and's good to see somebody taking some initiative, even if he's doing the right thing for the wrong reason. Pour encourager les autres, don't ye know?

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Anonymous said...

That guy is now a Good Democrat.