Wednesday, August 6, 2008

THE BRIGADE Finally Available On Amazon

Hi, guys:

At long last...Channel Access has come through and The Brigade is now available on public websites!

You can buy your copy of The Brigade from Amazon at:

or from Barnes and Noble at:

A hint: if you're going to be ordering a large number of books, CDs, or DVDs of any kind on line, it's worth it to pay the $25.00 and join Barnes and Noble's club. It will pay for itself in savings very quickly.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just bought mine...SUPER!


The Old Man of the Mountain said...

If you're the Dave I think you are, I thought I'd already sent you one, but I guess not. Damned senility!

Anonymous said...

Just in time. I just finished reading it and I was going to ask you where to get extra copies.