Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Red Team Leader, Fire At Will."

Dear HAC:

Just finished reading The Brigade and I am completely and utterly blown away, no pun intended. Words can't describe how this story made me feel, Harold, like everything is possible.

[That was the idea. - HAC]

But of all the parts of the book my favorite was the attack on Hollywood and the Oscar Night Massacre. May I suggest you post that section of the text on your blogs to show people what they can expect if they order this incredible novel ?

-T. C.

Hell, no, that's the best part of the book! Don't want to give the best part away. Didn't you ever do book reports when you were in school?

A lot of people seem to be having difficulty finding The Brigade on Amazon. com. This is the URL:

Please bear in mind that Amazon's IT people, probably sub-contracted and outsourced Guatemalans, seem to have made an odd screw-up and put my title and book cover onto a $15.99 children's book by "A. D. Covington," whoever that is. Mine is the $23.99 magnum opus by H. A. Covington. You might want to bookmark the above page.



Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought the best section was the "Ragnarok on Flanders St" chapter, but who's quibbling,

Mike Petersen

Anonymous said...

This is a powerful and important book, and I hope you can increase public awareness of it.