Monday, August 25, 2008

BO Brings Race War

Dear HAC:

I was absolutely shocked listening to the radio this morning while reading the postings here.

I was listening to a morning talk show (Rover's Morning Glory 100.7Cleveland, Ohio) and I just could not believe that I was hearing what callers were saying. One guy on the show stated that Biden is part of a set-up to bring about a race war in the USA. Now Dieter is always speaking of conspiracies and some really crazy stuff. Now this theory he proposed set off an onslaught of calls.

A White woman called to state that she agrees with Dieter in that Obama is doing a lot of things that a White man would never get away with, and it is not right. Immediately another White woman called in to state that both her husband and herself came to the same conclusions as Dieter. She stated that she was well educated and still believes that Obama will be bad for White Americans. That he hides his White side and instead embraces his blackness. A black man called stated that the people calling are ignorant racists and that Obama does talk about his White side. He quickly ran out of steam. Final caller was a White male who stated he believed that a race war is coming and that Obama will be the cause of it all.

I wa absolutely amazed to hear these callers. Maybe people are really starting to wake up. Now if only Obama can win this election!!!!



William Weiss said...

Barack Obama's Home Was Paid For By Saddam Hussein's Cousin
$3.5 Million Was Laundered Through Syrian Tony Rezko From Nadhmi Auchi, The Iraqi Oil Minister

Chicago, Illinois -- Nigger presidential candidate Barack Obama's home was paid for with part of $3.5 million dollars in contribution he received from the cousin of Saddam Hussein and former officials in the Hussein government.

According to a recent book written by Zionist war-monger and Judaeo- Christian heretic Jerome Corsi, Barack Obama's received $3.5 million dollars in cash and loan guarantees from Tony Rezko, a Syrian slumlord currently in prison for corruption and the embezzlement of more than $100 million dollars in federal housing subsidies that Obama slipped into his pocket.

But the money was not Rezko's, who was in bankruptcy at the time the money was wired to him by Nadhmi Auchi, cousin of Saddam Hussein and a former Oil Minister in Hussein's government.

Rezko, a native Syrian, appears to have been involved in laundering money for the Hussein government and the government of Syria, particularly money that was being brought into their countries through their government's Oil For Food program, which was administered by the United Nations under US-Zionist sanctions.

The link between Obama and Saddam Hussein is likely to become a major election issue as the major parties prepare for the official nominations of their candidates and the general election campaign.

Anonymous said...

Funny to see the name of the above poster. A Jew named "Weiss" complaining about Zionist war-mongers!

Frank d'Antignac said...

It's about time. There's been too much talking.

Anonymous said...

It's about time we had an answer to the Black Question.

Whether we win or lose, maybe it IS time for a war here. If we win, we win; if we lose, a lot of the White deadwood will be cleared out of the gene pool.


Keith Frost said...

All talk! Wishful thinking! Americans have grown so passive that I am thinking there's something to the claims that adding sodium fluoride to our drinking water really does cause people to become passive as sheep.