Tuesday, August 19, 2008

From A Sea Hag Die-Hard

[Pinched from a pro-Sea Hag blog.]

OBAMA HAS WON NOTHING. He will win NOTHING until the convention! He is only the presumptive nominee! Get it through your thick skulls!

Here’s a typical comment:

For all those supposedly Hillary’s supporters. There were the Primaries, Obama got the most votes, Hillary lost; end of story. The bottom line is that it is time to take back the White House.

OK. Let’s go over this very carefully.

1. Obama did not get the “most votes.” In terms of popular vote of one-person, one-vote (from the primary states), Hillary got the most votes. Caucuses, as we know, were not fair or representative.

Furthermore, the superdelegates have every right to change their mind between now and the convention and vote for Hillary instead of Obama.

2. Hillary will not officially “lose” anything until the actual convention happens and the delegates place their votes. Once again, the superdelegates could switch to Hillary in August if they felt there was good reason to.

3. The “end of story” will not happen until the convention next week. Because, once again, the superdelegates can switch their votes to Hillary if they deem it is necessary.

One commenter posted the ominous warning that if Hillary was given the nomination, she would lose in November, because people would be so angry. Well, I’m not so sure about that. Consider:

1. Obama has pissed off his progressive base with his FISA position.

2. Most moderate Democrats aren’t passionate about Obama like the far left nuts who pound the boards at Huffington Post.

3. Those self-same far left nuts who are yelling at Hillary supporters that they can’t vote for McCain, will certainly not vote for McCain even if Hillary is the presidential nominee.

Now, barring something big coming out about Obama between now and next week, I fully expect him to win the nomination even with a fair vote. But I still want a fair vote at the convention. Without it, the Democratic party will PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt that they do not care whatsoever about democracy and only want to push their “chosen one” through.


The Old Man of the Mountain said...

Wheah be all mah niggaz? Usually this time of day I've got at least half a dozen moronic comments from a couple of coons who discovered this blog a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Wednesdays are when they hold pretrial motions. And bail hearings.

Heh, heh, heh.

Dave in California

Anonymous said...

They're all in Denver eating fried chicken and watermelon to build up strength for next week's riots and looting.

Mac Daddy Boo said...

The O-Man going to fuck that old white skank in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Niggaz be takin' a staycation n' shit..