Wednesday, August 20, 2008

BO Might Cave

I hear tell BO is going to announce his VP choice on Saturday morning, before the convention, not on the second night or so as is customary and as Mr. Potato Head will apparently be doing. That to me indicates he may be going to tap the Sea Hag for the post, otherwise he'd have a Geritol Crone riot right from the start of the convention if he picked someone else.

If he has any sense he wants this convention to run seamlessly on rails; his polls are described as "stagnant" and there are signs that he may have peaked too early with this American Idol shtick he's been doing and Americans are starting to wake up and smell the coffee-colored crap. Even the adoring Obamanable media are starting to have a tough time keeping the halo in place over Hussein's nappy head, and he doesn't need a big convention brouhaha with Mommy Dearest and her harpies.


Anonymous said...

"Keep you friends close, and you enemies closer," indeed. Either way, the Communist Convention in Denver should be WAY better than pay-per-view wrestling.

Never mind "recreate '68." "Recreate Kent State" has a much better ring to it.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that skank ass white ho bitch.

Anonymous said...

The jigaboo really seems paranoid. I think he's going to diss the bitch and give the nomination to Joe Biden or someone equally idiotic, and he's so terrified of the crap his stanky black ass will have to go through at the last minute at the convention he's holding it off till the last minute.