Friday, August 8, 2008

Obama As Anti-Christ Stirs Assassination Fears

[NB. - "Bill White," or whatever his real name actually is, habitually publishes the home addresses and personal information of others on the internet in a deliberate effort to incite the multifarious weak-minded morons who infest cyber-space to harass and annoy people he doesn't like, i.e. he incites others to do what he himself lacks the courage to do.

I don't follow this practice, because I do not have his, er, shall we say (harrumph)--ah--connections? I have accordingly removed BO's home address, which is completely irrelevant in any case because de nigga and his ho obviously be not living dere anymore, while he jets around the world acting like he's president of something. - HAC]

by Bill White

The rising consciousness that Barack Obama may be the Antichrist predicted in the Book of Revelations is raising fears that the nigger candidate may face assassination at his home at [redacted] or elsewhere along the campaign trail.

Time Magazine and other organs of the Jewish press have been publishing major stories highlighting the speculation, increasingly widespread among Christians, that Barack Obama is son of Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, come to unite the world in One World tyranny and bring about the rapture predicted in the Book of Revelations.

With this speculation, which has been played up in a series of campaign ads being run by the McCain campaign, has come increased fears that Obama may face real assassination, not from "white supremacists", but from the world's one billion Christians, who have a religious duty to join Jesus' army during the time of Revelation and fight a military conflict against the Antichrist and all who support him. In the Bible, such a conflict ends when the Antichrist is killed and all who supported him or worked for his presidential campaign have been burned to ashes in a giant fire.

The Jews have worked hard in previous months to create a phony "white supremacist" assassination fear in order to add to the Obama mystique, but Obama's choice to follow the path of Satan and behave in a manner consistent with evangelistic Antichrist theory is creating a danger that is quickly eclipsing the "white supremacist" threat.

While the Catholic Church has generally taught that the Book of Revelations was fulfilled when the Jews' temple was destroyed in 70 AD, most evangelicals in the United States believe that the coming of the Antichrist is a pending event that will involve a Jewish leader, or an aracial mulatto enjoying the support of the Jews, who will create a One World government and begin a time of persecution in which Christians will suffer for seven years (real or metaphorical) before Jesus returns and leads an army that smites him and burns the earth.


Anonymous said... you yourself have said, White men don't have the stones for that sort of thing anymore.

As like as not, it will be a brutha who cacks him, after his reparations check bounces.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about BW. He does some interesting stuff and his websites are often good reading, but there is just something NOT RIGHT about him. Like why, being a self-proclaimed millionaire and real estate tycoon, is he renting houses to niggers, but he can't seem to find the financing or wherewithal for a headquarters building for his own alleged Nazi Party?

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church does not, and never has, taught that the Book of Revelations (in Catholicism, actually called the Apocalypse of John) was fulfilled in AD 70.
The man has no idea what he's talking about.

Anonymous said...

Well, Obama does bear the Mark of the Beast, the negro beast of the field.

Anonymous said...

Bill White has another one of those articles on his site now and this time he's gone really kooky himself. Is this guy drunk or something when he gets on the computer?

Anonymous said...

Anybody who refers to the "Book of Revelation" as the "Book of Revelations" is suspect because they don't even know the actual names of it's books. Whether it is called the Revelation of Jesus Christ or the Revelation to John or the Apocalypse it is not nor has it ever been "Revelations."

Anonymous said...

wow, I don't know what to say today, September 12th 2009 as the Tea Party people have done their best, short of assassinating the nigger shit from Kenya. KIll those who kill us, destroy those who destroy us.