Sunday, August 24, 2008

"Obamanation" Book May Be Worth A Peruse

While we're waiting for the disgusting spectacle of Hillary Clinton rolling over, playing dead, wagging her tail, and licking Hussein's balls at the convention (I can't believe she'd just roll over like she's apparently doing, but so far it looks like she's hopping when the nigger says "frog") --anyway, while we're waiting for the week's dog and pony show in Denver, it appears that this book by Jerome Corsi, Obama Nation, may be worth a read.

Corsi is a neocon with his lips glued so firmly to the withered buttocks of the Jews that you couldn't pry him away with a crowbar, but the facts he comes up with are interesting. Essentially, what Corsi has done is the kind of basic background check that the mainstream media should have done the minute Obama's name was so much as even whispered. One of the most fascinating aspects was Obama giving $1 million dollars, provenance unknown, to his cousin and tribal chief Raila A. Odinga in Kenya, a former presidential candidate, oddly enough--money that went to finance Odinga's Luo tribal militia which is believed to have slaughtered something like 3,500 black Christians who were also members of the rival Kikuyu tribe, during the recent squabbles over the disputed Kenya election.

Is that what Hussein Obama will do if he looks like losing? Turn his own black "militia" (read Crips and Bloods) loose on anyone who opposes him? It seems to be a family tradition.


Anonymous said...

"Corsi is a neocon with his lips glued so firmly to the withered buttocks of the Jews that you couldn't pry him away with a crowbar..."

I've often wondered if the neocons can tell the difference between Super-Glue and Chap-Stick.

Seriously, though, dictators of the persuasion troglodytes Africanus seem to have the "turn loose the thugs" thing in their genes.


Anonymous said...

I know Al Sharpton was allegedly thrteatening violence a while back if Obama lost, although Al hates the O-Man for stealing his thunder.

brian boru said...

I like your photo of Idi. Now there was a nigger who knew how to deal with niggers. Niggers have always done a better job than whites in that department, and it's perfectly OK with liberals and kikes.

Anonymous said...

I recently subscribed to Stormfront. They had gangs of jews and africans promoting the marxist line which they called anti-neo con. There were fifteen of them.
They said, for example, "if all the non-whites in America were removed it would still be as bad as it is now." If you say "nigger" you will be kicked off. McCain and Palin are jews in the neocons pockets. Obama will support whites."
When I called them on it and tried to run a poll on Stormfront quoting the leftist bitch and asking who agreed, they kicked me off. They also kicked off the 8 other guys who were agreeing with me. They eliminated all of our posts and just kept the commie messages on there. They are a bunch of phony commie scum.
Will you help me spread the word? I have some copies of what they said.
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