Sunday, August 10, 2008

How Did He Do It?

So how did we end up with a nigger Presidential nominee? Is it because this particular coon is in some way super-intelligent or talented or he has some extra special "message?" Not a bit of it. Hussein is not especially bright, even for a monkoid, and his "message" is no message at all. (Even his adoring media are starting to notice the fact that BO never really says anything, and when someone gets at him in an unscripted and non-choreographed situation, he stumbles and babbles vaguely. At least we know where Mr. Potato Head stands on things. His positions are idiotic, but we know what they are.)

No, Hussein got where he is because of money. Massive amounts of it, almost a billion dollars all told if you count up every penny he's "raised" since the beginning and also all the little perks, not to mention the monetary value of his advertising campaign camouflaged as "news coverage." Hussein and his handlers ran the Sea Hag into the ground in the finance department and no other way.

And where did all that money come from? No, it did not come from ditzy California Valley girls making donations on Daddy's credit card, or little old colored church ladies breaking open their cookie jars, or hippy-dippy Sixties retreads cashing in their 401-Ks.

One of these days, some reporter who retains some vague sense of decency and personal integrity will follow the money trail and figure out the answer to the Riddle of the Age: who the fuck is really behind Barack Obama?


Anonymous said...

Stoopid monkey.

Keith Frost said...

Yes, you make an excellent point, Harold. This nigger is quite possibly a very real Manchurian candidate!