Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Billyboy Redux

I notice Billyboy is oozing back to the surface as the convention approaches. Catch his interview in USA Today?

Hussein, ma nigga, you'd better not underestimate these two crackers. They are vicious in a way you can't possibly comprehend. I'm honestly not sure which choice would put you in more physical danger--giving the Sea Hag VP or not. Either way, the bitch and her main man gone be gunning for you, nigga, and I do mean gunning. You remember all those dead bodies floating around in the 1990s? Remember your soul brother Ron Brown dead in that supposed plane crash--with a .45 slug in his head?

You in way over yo' nappy head, nigga. I suspect that fact is finally starting to dawn on you in that walnut-sized gland you call a brain. Whoever put you up to this, they gone get you killed, nigga. One way or the other.


Anonymous said...

Maybe we should raise money for the Homeland with an Obama dead pool. You know, buy a square on a calendar for the next four years, trying to guess which day Obama will, er, "leave office."

Double payout if the Clintons deny having anything to do with it, on the same day that it happens.


Anonymous said...

Geeez, look at the Slicksters red nose, I have not seen one that bad since WC Fields, who could drink anyone under the table it was said.

Perhaps whoever is behind the Obamanation has enough horsepower to make the Clintons believe that if anything "unfortunate" happens to BO, they are dead meat as well,

Mike Petersen

Keith Frost said...

Even when you can find a Web site that will show the bullet wound in Ron Brown's head, the sheeple still prefer denial to accepting harsh reality. When I was in college, I was taught that denial was supposed to protect people as a self defense mechanism, but it seems to hurt us as a people in the long run.