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Obama Stalls On Possibly Bogus Birth Certificate

[I hate like the living devil to concede anything to Jews, but these Israelis do seem to have stumbled across a real live, bona fide SCOOP—and it is being COMPLETELY IGNORED by the mainstream media. By the way, Israel Insider is not some Israeli crank site, either. Although “right wing” by Israeli standards, meaning pro-settler, Israel Insider is a legitimate news site and it runs all shades of Israeli opinion both “right” and “left.” It’s not like we’re talking Barry Chamish here or anything.

I am genuinely surprised that there hasn’t been a peep out of the mainstream media on this, even if only to deny it. I wonder how long they’ll be able to ignore this story, or will they be able to bury it completely? - HAC]

As Obama stonewalls on uncertified birth certificate, official doubts mount

June 28, 2008

A senior official in the State of Hawaii's Department of Health, Director of Communications Janice Okubo, confirms that the image published and circulated by the Obama campaign as his "birth certificate" lacks the necessary embossed seal and signature. Backing away from a quote attributed to her that the image on the campaign site was "valid," she told the St. Petersburg (Florida) Times in an article published yesterday: "I don't know that it's possible for us to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents."

Barack Obama has claimed in writing to have a valid printed document: In the first chapter of his book Dreams From My Father, describing his origins, he wrote about finding a local Hawaiian newspaper article about his Kenyan father: "I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school."

So where is that birth certificate? It got lost? The dog ate it? No matter. Barack Obama or an immediate family member can plunk down $10 ($11.50 if he orders online) and have Hawaii mail a certified document to him within a week or two. But more than two weeks have passed since the Obama campaign adopted the suspect, uncertified image of a purported birth document published by a left-wing blog Daily Kos, and nothing certified and nothing on paper has since has been forthcoming. Nor has there been any official comment about the issue from the campaign. They may cling to the hope -- however audacious -- that the one issue that could disqualify their man constitutionally from gaining the presidency will just go away.

Amy Hollyfield of the St. Petersburg Times, and a reporter for the paper's "Politifact" blog, said that she has been seeking the birth certificate "for months." She was frustrated: "Hawaii birth certificates aren't public record. Only family members can request copies, so when the campaign declined to give us one, we were stalled."

Finally, the campaign released the image (resembling the one at the top of this article). Hollyfield e-mailed it to the Hawaii Department of Health, which maintains such records, to ask if it was real.

"It's a valid Hawaii state birth certificate," spokesman Janice Okubo told us.

Then the firestorm started.

Israel Insider contacted Okubo several days. She could not refer to Obama's specific case, she said, because no one but an authorized family member can do so. But she did confirm that a valid "certification of live birth" would need to have an embossed seal and signature and that it can only be printed and mailed. There is no such thing as an electronic only certification.

In our previous article on this subject we published an example of a certified birth certificate of another Hawaiian citizen, Patricia DeCosta, reproduced below. The stamp and signature are reversed because the embossing is done from the back as per law, as Okubo noted is required by law.

Speaking to National Review Online, Okubo admitted that the Obama image lacked those required features but thought that perhaps the embossing was applied too lightly.

Maybe so, but all the certificates we have seen have the embossed imprint clearly visible, as well as horizontal fold marks.

There's only one way for Obama to show he's a natural born citizen eligible to be President: produce the paper proof.

We got an email yesterday from Bryan Suits who has a radio show on KFI Los Angeles. He writes:

"I have just received my State of Hawaii certified birth certificate for my 1964 debut on the planet earth. It looks....nothing like Obama's. We've scanned it at 72dpi, 300dpi. Nuthin. We can't make the emboss disappear. Also, we can't make THE FOLDS disappear!! How did FightTheSmears do it?

I got curious when I compared his (with the 2007 date bleed) to my old beat-up1986 copy. then

I went online on June 13 and ordered the thing. It got here yesterday tri-folded in a state of Hawaii envelope. I called the State and asked if I could get an unfolded copy. No dice.

Hollyfield brings up other issues that her readers raised, although she does not address them or explain them [bracketed comments from Israel Insider]:

Where is the embossed seal and the registrar's signature? [Required for validity]

Comparing it to other Hawaii birth certificates, the color shade is different.

Isn't the date stamp bleeding through [in reverse] the back of the document [image] "June [6] 2007?" (Odd since it was supposedly released in June 2008.)

There's no crease from being folded and mailed. [Hawaii requires printing and mailing, according to Okubo. Electronic images are never released, she assured us, nor are they valid.]

It's clearly Photoshopped and a wholesale fraud.

Hollyfield, frustrated by failing to access the required original, being refused by the Obama campaign, and finding only secondary documents from his subsequent career, asks what's "reasonable" and then claims that skeptics about Obama's published birth certificate believe that there's a conspiracy afoot:

Because if this document is forged, then they all are. If this document is forged, a U.S. senator and his presidential campaign have perpetrated a vast, long-term fraud. They have done it with conspiring officials at the Hawaii Department of Health, the Cook County (Ill.) Bureau of Vital Statistics, the Illinois Secretary of State's office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinois and many other government agencies. But Hollyfield is mistaken. There would be no need to invent a conspiracy among officials. All Obama needed to do would be to pass off an uncertified document as being certified. He may have done so unwittingly. Then the rest can follow without any need to conspire with any other official. They just take it on faith that the person is an American citizen.

They don't check about the embossing requirements of the State of the Hawaii. They believe Obama. Why should they doubt him, certainly after he becomes a lawyer and a state senator? The officials believe that the claimed document is authentic, and therefore issue other documents, based on the phony one, buried deep in the documentary chain. Unwitting or not, however, the high stakes for basing one's citizenship on an uncertified birth certificate must be pretty obvious to the campaign now.

Nothing else explains why Obama's campaign refused to release the original paper document, to make this distracting controversy go way.

Because Hollyfield is right about one thing:

"If this document is forged, a U.S. senator and his presidential campaign have perpetrated a vast, long-term fraud."

U.S. citizens who have written to Israel Insider or have posted on the Internet are not satisfied. Ordinary people are compelled to produce certified paper birth certificates to get a passport or a driver's license.
Why, people are asking, doesn't Obama needed to show one to run for President?

In a follow-up contact by Hollyfield, Janice Okubo backtracked and qualified, pointing to the main issue that Israel Insider and others have brought into focus [our comments in brackets]:

"I guess the big issue that's being raised is the lack of an embossed seal and a signature," Okubo said, pointing out that in Hawaii, both those things are on the back of the document. "Because they scanned the front -- you wouldn't see those things." [But of course, as in the DeCosta sample and others, you can see it clearly.]

Okubo says she got a copy of her own birth certificate last year and it is identical to the Obama one we received. [Well, "identical" cannot be correct. Her name is not Obama, Her certificate number was not blacked out, and her certificate had the required embossed certification. So she can only be saying that the form looked the same, as she said to the National Review Online's Jim Geraghty.]

And about the copy we e-mailed her for verification? "When we looked at that image you guys sent us, our registrar, he thought he could see pieces of the embossed image through it." [Except that she received only what was published on the Internet and circulated by email, and no "pieces of the embossed image" do come through that. We have published the highest resolution available and there is no trace of embossed seal or signature. Readers can see for themselves.]

Still, she acknowledges: "I don't know that it's possible for us "to even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents."

And there you have it. Okubo can't "even say beyond a doubt what the image on the site represents" because she is not allowed access to Barack Obama's personal records. State law prohibits it.

Only Barack Obama (or another immediate family member) can authorize the release of the paper birth certificate, and submit it to objective analysis. He refuses to do so, even though it would seem to be in his interest to do so, to silence the skeptics, to show that they are wrong and he is right, to settle once and for all that he is a "natural born citizen" entitled by the US Constitution to be President of the United States. Yet there is only silence and inaction from Obama and his campaign on the subject. The palpably uncertified document remains online, with an explanation that refers only to the date of Hawaiian Statehood and an irrelevant passage from the Constitution.

Admitting her failure to obtain a demonstrably authentic birth document for the candidate, Hollyfield falls back at the end of her latest article into her reliance on the "straw man" of a conspiracy theory.

And there's the rub. It is possible that Obama conspired his way to the precipice of the world's biggest job, involving a vast network of people and government agencies over decades of lies. Anything's possible.

But step back and look at the overwhelming evidence to the contrary and your sense of what's reasonable has to take over.

There is not one shred of evidence to disprove PolitiFact's conclusion that the candidate's name is Barack Hussein Obama, or to support allegations that the birth certificate he released isn't authentic.

Here Hollyfield is again incorrect. He didn't release a birth certificate, but an image of a purported "certification of live birth" that contains dubious features, lacks a traceable certificate number and -- as the Hawaiian state official Okubo admits -- lacks the stamp and signature required to make it valid. There need be no conspiracy by state or federal officials, just a willingness to believe Obama and accept an image that might look real but might not be.

If Obama is confident that he has a valid paper birth certificate from Hawaii, it is unreasonable for him to be withholding it.

But if he lacks a valid US birth certificate, and therefore cannot prove that he is an American citizen, then he would have good reason to put up a smokescreen and stonewall as long as he can. He would have good reason to try and slide by, as he may have done in the past, by putting up something that would pass as legitimate to the untrained and uninformed, as the one posted by the left-wing Daily Kos blog did, and which much of the media accepted as such, on his say-so.

Because if Obama lacks a valid birth certificate from Hawaii, it would mean that he has been living a lie his whole life: an illegal alien born outside the country who never obtained American citizenship, never became naturalized, and yet has been passing himself off as a citizen to the Illinois Bar, the Illinois Legislature, the US Senate and now, as a candidate for President.

To give Obama the benefit of the doubt: he may not know that he was not born in Hawaii. This may also be part of the family legend his mother communicated to him. As he himself admits in the first chapter of his Dreams, this would not be the only half-truth or outright life his white family told him. The chapter skips over completely anything about the circumstances of his birth or what preceded it: "First the baby arrived, eight pounds, two ounces, with 10 toes and 10 fingers and hungry for food." Subsequent reports have him born in two different hospitals.

Has Obama -- by the "white lie" of claiming to be born in Hawaii (whether the lie came from him or from his mother) and not Kenya or Canada as some have a suggested -- been misrepresenting himself -- wittingly or unwittingly -- to the people of his state and his nation all along? If it is unwitting, it is tragic. If it is witting, it is criminal.

Either way, knowing the potential damage of this revelation, he would have every reason to put up a web site accusing his critics of conducting a smear campaign to avoid answering valid questions about his identity and background. He would have every reason to accuse political opponents of planning a campaign that raises these questions -- as if to ask whether a candidate for US President is in fact a US citizen is an illegitimate question.

To this day, the question about Obama's national origins remains unanswered, because the proof offered to date is inadequate, even according to the responsible Hawaiian state officials.

The question is not whether he's black or white or somewhere in between. The question is not whether he's a Muslim or Christian, a Democrat or a Communist. The question is whether he can document that he was born in Hawaii and thus meet the requirements of the Constitution.

Yes, the question about whether the candidate is a natural born American citizen is legitimate. But is Obama?

There is one loophole that may yet qualify Obama as natural-born, even if he could not prove he was born in Hawaii: the fact that his mother was US-born. "A child born abroad on or after December 24, 1952 and before November 14, 1986 to one U.S. citizen parent and one non-citizen parent can acquire U.S. citizenship at birth if the U.S. citizen parent can demonstrate that he or she was physically present in the United States for a minimum of ten years, at least five of which were after the age of fourteen, prior to the birth of the child." Because Barack's mother -- born November 29, 1942 -- bore him at the age of 18 years, eight months plus, she could not possibly qualify for the five year requirement. (A subsequent law reduced the five years to two, but only for children born after 1986, and made provisional retroactive exceptions favoring parents serving in the military or for international organization. Neither applies to Obama).

Thus the bottom line is this: If Obama can't prove he has a certified Hawaiian birth certificate, he's not a natural born American. If he's not a natural born American, he can't be president. That's the law of the land.

This is a matter of US national security. Because there are people in this world who know the truth and can prove it. They would be able to hold that knowledge and proof over his head to make him do their bidding, or else expose him as a fraud, liar and, yes, an illegal alien. That is not a risk that it is reasonable for the American people to take.

Beyond the vulnerability to blackmail, there is a more fundamental question that must be asked if Obama is not forthcoming in producing the requisite documentation of his citizenship: does the American people really want to elect a man who would conceal his past and identity? Does it want to elect a man who would withhold the full truth and stonewall legitimate questions in his pursuit of the presidency, all the while claiming to be a victim and accusing others of fraud?

There's only one way for Obama to show he's a natural born citizen eligible to be President: produce the paper proof. If there's a seal and a signature, no problem, he qualifies.

Whether from popular pressure or a legal challenge to his credentials, it is essential that Obama be forced to release for objective analysis the birth certificate he claimed in own book to possess.

Each American, at watershed moments in his or her life -- to get a driver's license, a marriage certificate, a passport -- must produce a paper birth certificate for official inspection and analysis. Now it's Obama's turn.

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Northwest Observer for July 2008

Anyone wanting an introductory packet of Northwest Front literature, including a sample copy of Northwest Observer #73 for July 2008, e-mail me at

I will need a name and postal address to send the intro packet to. A P. O. Box or UPS Store box is fine; I know people are nervous about initial contact with groups like ours, and that's fair enough.

However, bear in mind that sooner rather than later we will need some personal information, first for your background check (we are, to the best of my knowledge, the only White Nationalist organization that actually bothers to check out potential associates and even bothers to ascertain that they are who they say they are) and also because, let's face it, we're not going to be fighting any revolutions with people who are afraid of the mailman.

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Michelle Has Fleas

I know everyone is going to think I am making this up, and since I can't go into detail on my source for this information without getting someone in very, very bad trouble, I'm just going to have to accept that. But this is the goods, guys. This is straight up.

Michelle My Belle Obama has fleas. No kidding. Her "condition" is generally known throughout her campaign team and has caused problems with cleanup in hotel suites, after she leaves TV studios, and on buses and planes. Apparently she doesn't just have fleas, she has a lot of fleas, to the point where it's noticeable, as in they hop off onto white table cloths at campaign dinners, etc.

BO's Jewish spinmeisters are going batshit trying to keep this from public knowledge, and of course the subservient, Obama-worshipping media are playing along, just like they played along by deep-sixing Michelle My Belle's videotaped anti-Whitey rant of May 5th, 2008 at Trinity Church and pretending it never happened. No one dares to speak to her about it because Hussein himself has placed her off limits, but part of her so-called "image softening" recently reported in the New York Times is supposed to be a diplomatic attempt to get her to bathe more frequently and use a medicated flea soap like vets use.

Just thought you assholes would like to know what you're letting into the White House.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Obama May Not Be U.S. Citizen

Barack Hussein Obama may be constitutionally ineligible for election to the Presidency of the United States, because he was not born in this country and he is not a U. S. citizen. His alleged birth certificate is not certified as authentic, and appears to be a photoshopped fake.

As much as I hate to give credit to the Noseboys for anything, we have some Jews in Israel to thank for turning this one up. A hebe named Ruven Korat, to be specific. It is well to recall that the Jews as a whole don't seem to be buying into the Funky Monkey's sudden convenient conversion to Zionism and his passionate vow to nuke Iran into molten glass 20 minutes after plunking his baby-shit brown butt down in the Oval Office. Most Jews seem to prefer the old neocon team who have served them so well for the last seven years, and who would of course be continued in power through a Potato Head presidency.

Check out my main Red Sea pedestrian Ruven's article at

This story, will, of course, simply vanish off the radar after a day or two, down the Obama-worshipping media's apparently bottomless Memory Hole. But it's interesting to note that the whole Barack Obama experience is starting to develop this odd fabricated air about it, like a Macy's parade balloon that's sprung a leak and is starting to deflate and drag the ground.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Will Cack Barack Obama?

I'll tell you someone else who isn't going to be too happy with BO--and that's all his homeys down on the block.

You see, whatever vote fraud the Funky Monkey does in fact employ (or is employed for him by his mysterious and as yet unidentified handlers) in order to get elected, the Booga Booga and Thunderbird crowd on the corner is going to claim the credit for trooping to the polls and voting in this faux "bruthuh."

How do you think they're going to feel when BO is elected, there he sits in the Oval Office with Michelle crawling around on the floor and getting her fleas all in the carpet, and he turns out to be nothing more than a sock puppet for the smart Jews who have been running him from behind the scenes all along? You know, the mysterious pale-skinned backers who came up with that $250 million no one quite seems to know where he got? (Or is even asking?)

I'd give almost even money: when somebody finally parts Hussein's nappy hair with a bullet, if it isn't someone hired by Hillary, it will be some wasted street coon from a D.C. gang or some other "disillusioned Affikin-Amurkin" who has finally realized that Brother Barry has sold de cullud folks down the river.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

You Can't Believe This Lying Nigger

I notice BO has turned down public finance for his campaign, since right now he's gotten $250 million into his kitty from sources no one seems quite able to identify.

I would give much to know who's really behind this monkoid. Aunt Jemimas sending him their welfare checks, metrosexual androgynes and odalisques chipping in their botox money, and ditzy Valley Girls who think BO is some kind of American idol making credit card donations don't add up to a quarter billion dollars. One of these days maybe the media will quit worshipping this coon, do their job and investigate the Funky Monkey's finances properly, and then we may all have a surprise coming.

Anyway, the point is, Hussein promised very specifically that he would not do this and would allow his campaign to be restricted to public financing, and he has now completely thrown that out the window and dared anyone to do anything about it.

Guys...your god is just a Chicago street nigger from the South Side Democratic machine. By definition, you can't believe a damned word he says.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Malefic Versification

My recent excursions into the realm of poesy sparked a discussion on poetic satire. Apropos of this, several people asked me for copies of of some of the older "hate songs" we all used to hum around the flickering sterno can in the old Arlington Nazi HQ. I'll be laying a few of them on you over thecoming days, at least those that I remember.

I'll start off with a real oldie but goody that all you relics from the 60s Movement will doubtless remember. I did not write this one (way before my time); it's a bit on the doggerel side for my more sophisticated literary tastes, but I have to admit it's got a lot of earthy spirit to it.

This bit of Americana really should be played like I first heard it back around '76, with a washtub, a kazoo, a slap base and a redneck twelve-string picker wearing white socks, strung out on meths and Pabst Blue Ribbon who is wanted on a number of charges in Nashville:


(Sung to the tune of "I Want A Gal Just Like The Gal Who Married Dear Old Dad.")

I want a gun
Just like the gun
That murdered JFK!
Little Fascist gun that shot so well,
Blew that nigger-lover straight to hell!
Yeah, I want a gun
Just like the gun
That whacked out JFK!

I want a gun
Just like the one
Greased Martin Lucifer Koon,
.220 grains and a manual bolt,
Gave that funky monkey quite a jolt!
Yeah, I want a gun
Just like the one
That iced Martin Lucifer Koon!

I want a gun,
Just like the one
That shot down RFK!
Little .22 done blew that creep away,
Allah was Akbar to the max that day!
Yes, I want a gun
Just like the one
That mowed down RFK!

[There is a fourth verse of more recent provenance which, as much as I hate to give in to even the hint of self-censorship, would probably be more trouble than it is worth to reproduce. Hint: the rhyme is "Jesse J."]

I want some guns,
Just like the ones
That made our country free!
Black powder musket or an M-16,
That's the kind of broom that really does sweep clean!
Yeah, I want some guns,
Just like the ones
That made our country free!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Come On, Now, Guys. Enough Self Deception

Getting another raft of this "Maybe we need a nigger president to finally wake White people up" BS.

Wake them to what end? Okay, let's say they're "awake" now, however you define that. Then what?

That's just enother excuse for you to evade your responsibility and continue to do nothing. We all know it. If we're going to sit by and let this happen, let's at least not deceive ourselves as to why it's happening.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Through The Barrel Of A Gun

Through the Barrel of a Gun or Not At All:
A Rant Against White Reformists

by Michael O’Meara

“Je crois à la Révolution dans la mesure où je ne crois ni à la durée ni à la valeur de la Société qui m’entoure.” -Pierre Drieu La Rochelle

Almost as depressing as the thought of our people’s extinction is that of the white opposition to it.

It’s not just that this opposition is minuscule in number, confined to the internet, has a negative rather than a positive understanding of what needs to be done, lacks consensus as to our common aim, and attracts a great many asocial types more interested in calling one another a “cunt” or a “cocksucker” than contributing to their people’s renaissance.
Worse, it seems at times not to know the enemy.

Whether racial conservatives endeavoring to stem the rising tide of color and get back to the high ground of pre-1965 America or white nationalists who are not revolutionaries, but paleoconservatives who don’t want to change the system, but to make it work for them, the white opposition fixates on media, on consciousness raising, and on an alternative white politics aimed at reforming a system that is inherently anti-white.

Worse still, its Sisyphean activities are engaged in the belief that the old America — white America — can be won back and is worth winning, that this can be done through ideas, in the form of media-conveyed information, exposés, and arguments, and through existing institutional channels, like the courts and the electoral system.

If only it were that simple.

Our people face extinction not because the Jews or the liberals monopolize the media, force feed us anti-white ideas, control the leading institutions, and wield all the power and influence. This may be a big part of it, but to see things solely — or principally — in these terms is to overlook the last two or three centuries of Western history. The threat to white existence is profound, rooted in the civilizational, ontological, and spiritual disorders underlaying the Judaification
pervading our daily lives.

When Slezkine boasts that the modern age is the Jewish age, he gets to the heart of this in a way few white nationalists do. Based on the Levantine behavior of rule breakers, border crossers, and go-betweens, the entire course of the modern Jewish age works toward our collective de-Aryanization.

Since its advent, with the liberal-democratic revolutions of the late 18th century, the modern West, unlike its medieval and ancient counterparts, has shed all sense of tradition, transcendence, and fidelity; it violates the natural order of things; it pursues a purely practical, economic course geared to the lower order of existence; it can’t see the higher points of reference and replaces the rights of blood and heritage with false creeds and material acquisitions.

Whether the modernization spurred by the liberal-democratic revolutions was inherently Judaifying or not (the anti-Semitic tradition is divided on this question) is irrelevant to the fact that Judaification and modernization — what MacDonald calls “the rise of Jewish power and the disestablishment of the specifically European nature of the U.S.” — happened in tandem, being obverse expressions of the same historical phenomenon.

With this Judaifying process, the Aryan spirit that gave form to our race at the dawn of history and accompanied it through every subsequent stage of its Greco-Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, and European growth has been exiled from the world. Our people face extinction, it follows, because the entire structure of Western life — culture, civilization, economy, whatever you want to call it — betrays the defining essence of their being.

What is to be done?

The development of alternative media, consciousness raising, various local activities to defend white existence must, to start, give no credence to the reformist snare that the system can be made receptive to white interests. This illusion is the greatest treason. For it is the system itself, communicating vessel of the Jews’ lunar spirit, that de-Aryanizes us, contaminates our blood, and seeks our destruction. It is the enemy. It cannot be reformed, only destroyed — if we are to live. All talk of working through it is but utopian chatter, better left to sheenies, darkies, and school teachers.

The notion that racialists follow the Left’s Gramscian “march through the institutions” is equally unserious. Covington’s Northwest Volunteer Army is a hundred time more realistic than the thought of re-establishing the integrity of white life through elections or an expanded media.

Our course, moreover, must be Aryan, not American. The old America may have been racially conscious, but in a typically liberal way, privileging the lower functions of production and reproduction — which fated it to become capitalist, cosmopolitan, and anti-national. Its racialism was thus not the blood consciousness native to the warriors who sired our race, just as its upper world of wheeling-dealing money men, bought politicians, and leading families was but the respectable verso of its criminal underworld — alien to the Aryan standards of hierarchy, form, virility, transcendence, authority, and sovereignty.

As for the white masses — whose vegetative existence is lived unconscious of the higher forces governing them and oriented to the materialist and family concerns of the lower orders — they’ll never be moved by ideas and principles openly challenging the existing order. Only a social crisis set off by some cataclysm that makes their normal way of life impossible will cause them to look for alternatives. And at that point, what matters most will not be ideas and principles, but men and organizations whose exemplary stature instills in them the confidence for decisive action.

What need, then, have we for more education, more programs, more market strategies, more media, more time in the Gay Old Party to make the existing anti-white system work for us? Any self-respecting white man who wants to know what’s going on doesn’t have far to search. All the answers are already there, waiting for the taking.

In any case, the increasingly totalitarian character of contemporary liberalism, not to mention the plantation of a hundred million muds on our soil, makes the entertainment of such reform an exercise in folly. The white race will be reborn not by electing Congressmen, hiring lobbyists, and participating in a system that seeks its destruction, but by returning to its original self — and to the challenge of creating an Aryan warrior aristocracy forged in the fire of Sorelian violence.

Our media, our actions, our interventions — meager as they may be —must therefore aim at creating a new elite, a revolutionary vanguard morally and organizationally armed to stand against the Jewish age — so that when the foul system supporting it collapses in decay, there will be someone around to fight for our fair share of the spoils.

In this way, the nobles of blood and spirit are born and come to rule. All the ancient Aryan civilizations arose from “a race of conquerors who overcame lands and peoples on the basis of a higher calling and qualification” — a higher calling and qualification modeled on the Aryan Doctrine of Battle and Victory. Hierarchy, order, vitality, courage, and a solar universality, as a result, became the basis of white life.

If our people are to restore European America (in the Pacific Northwest or elsewhere), it will be in the Aryan way, through a return to the ancient practices that formed us in the beginning and made us who we are. It will not come about through a process dependent on all that is the root of our present humiliation.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Julius Obama

And why should Barack be a tyrant then?
Poor ape! I know he would not be a wolf,
But that he sees the Americans are but sheep:
He were no lion, were not Americans hinds.
Those that with haste will make a mighty fire
Begin it with weak straws:
What trash is America,
What rubbish and what offal, when it serves
For the base matter to illuminate
So vile a thing as Obama! But, O grief,
Where hast thou led me? I perhaps speak this
Before a willing nigger-lover; then I know
My answer must be made. But I am arm'd,
And dangers are to me indifferent.

(Slightly edited from Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene 3)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Comment on Michelle Has Fleas

[Guys, please note comment section at bottom of each post. You can add comments directly. - HAC]

Greetings from Scotland. I laughed out loud at a lot of this.

I would have added what Oliver Cromwell said, when there was a discussion about what should be done with the King of England,Charles the First. Cromwell said; "Stone dead hath no equal." So King Charles was beheaded.

In fact, compared with the modern rulers of the UK, King Charles was fairly O.K. Also, he was a cultured person, with a great love of art, and he built up an important collection of paintings. And he went to his death with courage; he just asked for an extra shirt, so that he would not shiver from the cold, and give people the impression that he was afraid.

Best Wishes,

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Michelle Has Fleas

I know everyone is going to think I am making this up, and since I can't go into detail on my source for this information without getting someone in very, very bad trouble, I'm just going to have to accept that. But this is the goods, guys. This is straight up.

Michelle Obama has fleas. No kidding. Her "condition" is generally known throughout her campaign team and has caused problems with cleanup in hotel suites, after she leaves TV studios, and on buses and planes. Apparently she doesn't just have fleas, she has a lot of fleas, to the point where it's noticeable, as in they hop off onto white table cloths at campaign dinners, etc.

BO's Jewish spinmeisters are going batshit trying to keep this from public knowledge, and of course the subservient, Obama-worshipping media are playing along. No one dares to speak to her about it because Hussein himself has placed her off limits, but part of her so-called "image softening" recently reported in the New York Times is supposed to be a diplomatic attempt to get her to bathe more frequently and use a medicated flea soap like vets use.

Just thought you assholes would like to know what you're letting into the White House.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Please Don't Shoot My Black Ass!"

I notice that the NRA put out a long anti-Obama screed citing all of the various gun-seizure things he's been involved in. (These things have nothing to do with "controlling" guns; their object is to seize privately held firearms and take them out of the hands of people who might use them against the government. And against uppity niggers like BO.)

Well, guys, I've been telling you this for years. Your Second Amendment rights are a "use it or lose it" proposition. If you're such cowards as to let a bubble-lipped Chicago street nigger send armed thugs to your home and take away your firearms, then you don't deserve to have them.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Cacking BO

My personal view is that the filthy bubble-lip is in far more danger from various factions in the Establishment than from White people, who no longer have sufficient testicular follication to do the necessary.

He will be in especial danger if he chooses Hillary Clinton for his Vice Presidential candidate. Not sure whether she'd wait until after the November election or have the Funky Monkey whacked prior to that so she could ride in on a sympathy wave. They'll claim it's some White Southerner, of course, set some poor son of a bitch up like they set up James Earl Ray.

If BO gets whacked, it will be either Hillary or the Jews, who for obvious reasons are nervous about anyone with a dark skin educated in a Muslim madrassah becoming President and would definitely prefer Mr. Potato Head and the current neocon clique now in power. Obama has been genuflecting and toadying to the Israel lobby like mad for the past few weeks, but my guess is they're not buying it. It could be that the sub-text for all Obama's pandering is "Please don't kill me!"

Monday, June 16, 2008

I'm A Good Old Rebel

Oh, I'm a good old Rebel,
Now that's just what I am,
For this fair land of freedom
I do not give a damn!
I'm glad I fought against it,
I only wish we'd won,
And I don't want no pardon
For anything I done.

I hate the Constitution,
This great Republic, too,
I hate the Freedman's Bureau
In uniforms of blue,
I hate the nasty eagle
With all his brag and fuss,
But them lying, thieving Yankees,
I hate 'em worse and worse!

I hate the Yankee nation
And everything they do,
I hate the Declaration
Of Independence, too,
I hate the glorious Union,
'Tis dripping with our blood,
I hate that striped banner,
I fought it all I could.

I followed old Marse Robert
For four years, near about,
Got wounded in three places,
And I starved at Point Lookout;
I cotch the rheumatism
A'camping in the snow,
But I killed a mess of Yankees,
And I'd like to kill some more.

Three hundred thousand Yankees
Lie stiff in Southern dust!
We got three hundred thousand
Before they conquered us.
They died of Southern fever,
From Southern steel and shot,
I wish they was three million
Instead of what we got.

I can't take up my rifle
And fight 'em now no more,
But I ain't gonna love 'em,
Now that is certain sure;
And I don't ask your pardon
For what I was and am,
I won't be reconstructed,
And I don't give a damn!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Gas Wars

You know things are coming to a head when small town gun shop owners comment that even their most conservative customers talking about what you've put up on Tyrannicide.

And the thing that seems to be triggering this kind of conversation is the rising price of gasoline. It's beginning to sound like 1776 all over again, when people were being taxed to death. I wonder how long it will be before we start hearing news reports of gas station attendants being shot trying to prevent drive-aways. Or people hijacking gasoline trucks.

If that starts, I would expect that people whose lives have been ruined with nothing left to lose will take revenge against the oil billionaires to the next level by taking pot-shots at them and their families - or perhaps even at oil refineries, with tracers. And we know what that would lead to, and how the public would probably respond when neighbors start disappearing in the middle of the night.

-The Lone Haranguer

Friday, June 13, 2008

Clinton Body Count Rising Again?

Hmmm...didn't Tim Russert piss off the Sea Hag a few months back during the primaries when she objected to him asking her rude questions about her past during the debates?

One can't help but wonder of Bill and Hill have racked up another notch on their guns, and that even if she doesn't get the Presidential nomination, she's showing her teeth and letting all those media rats who betrayed her know that she can still exact revenge?

It leads me to hope that Hillary will still do out of blind ambition and vicious dog-in-the-manger vindictiveness what no one else has the balls to do out of patriotism. BO better be wearing kevlar long johns for the next four years.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Take The Ceausescu Challenge!

[I considered running this with all kinds of caveats and disclaimers, but what the hell? The author probably intended this as comedy, but there's many a true word in jest. It's not likely to incite anyone to violence, since American White males don't fight any more, they write their Congressman or bitch to a radio talk show host or hire a lawyer to file a malicious lawsuit. I figure that once--just once--I am going to publish what everybody in this country with any remaining sense of decency truly feels in their heart, no matter what their race or political persuasion. I'll probably get all kinds of flak---so what else is new? Enjoy! - HAC]

Take the Ceausescu Challenge!
by Mustapha Gormsby

The vermin on Capitol Hill are stealing over half of your income, eroding away your rights and taking our country on a fast track to the Third World. These miserable thrice-damned whoresons will never stop unless we stop them! It's time to:


How can we kill them all now? Any way you like. You could hang them, behead them, roast them over an open fire, strangle them with your bare hands (very satisfying), impale them, sell them to a vivisectionist (profitable), run them over with a large vehicle once or with a small vehicle several times, stab them, shoot them, burn them at the stake, string them up with piano wire, chop them up with an axe (don't use your good chef's knife or you could notch the blade), bury them up to their necks near an anthill and pour honey on them, use them for chum when you go shark fishing or any other method that you can imagine.

The more horrible it is, the better you will feel about it.

Don't we need politicians and bureaucrats for anything?

Nope. They don't even make good firewood, so there's really no good use for them at all. Remember, these people have stolen a substantial part of your income for the last 80 years. They have spent even more than they have stolen, leaving the country with a 5 trillion dollar debt! They have stolen property from innocent people and used the law as an instrument of plunder and tyranny.

Do we need them? No, but they need us. Without us to bleed, they wouldn't be able to live because they are incapable of producing anything for themselves. The miserable bastards don't deserve to live.

Scum! Vicious, conniving, baby-eating vermin! They must die, die, DIE! KILL THEM ALL NOW!

What Would We Do Without Them?

Live like free men instead of slaves, that's what. When this country was founded people knew about things like natural rights. Now these festering, swilling pigs at the public trough have decided that the people of this country have too much freedom and that it is up to them to curtail it!

BASTARDS!!!!! Who do they think they are? Eighty years ago the budget was small enough to be paid for on what the government collects today even if you got rid of all personal income taxes! But these horrific sons-of-bitches just keep taking and taking as if there was no limit to what we could tolerate.

Is There Any Precedent for Killing Them All Now?

Yes! All over the world and throughout history, people who have suffered at the hands of corrupt politicians have eventually said enough is enough. The French Revolution was a fine example of what to do with politicians out of control. The people of Romania, having suffered under the Communist dictatorship of Nicolae Ceausescu for too many years, finally dragged him out into the street and shot him and his Jew bitch-dogslut of a wife through the head, an event which was videotaped and shown on national television to the thunderous cheers of the multitudes and which causes real Americans to heave a sigh of envy.


Are you tired of being told how to live? Of being told what you can and cannot eat, smoke, drink or do with your property? Are you tired of the government taking away your money and spending it on more government? Are you sick and tired of the fact that every time you turn around another thing you enjoy has been outlawed? There's only one solution:


Hurry, before the United States starts looking like Mexico, Brazil or the Soviet Union. March on your state capitol with pitchforks and torches. Lock the bastards in and burn the place down. Then march on Washington D.C. and do the same.

That is where the real evil is. You cannot vote these people out of office, because the new ones you vote in will begin to look like the old ones within just weeks. They are a slime and they spread like malaria. They are a disease! Voting won't do any good, it's time to KILL!

Just The Elected Officials?

No! The number of elected Federal officials is limited to Congress, the President and the Vice President. That's only 537 people. The federal bureaucracy numbers in the millions; between the military, the IRS, BATF,CIA, FBI, EPA, DEA, FDA and all of the other bureaus and departments, you've got millions of people who have power over YOUR LIFE and you never elected them! My god, the POST OFFICE!! Don't let them escape:


Filthy, horrible, miserable, statist, liberal, feminist, pervert, politically correct, lying, thieving, baby-killing vermin SCUM!!!!!

If you don't kill them all now there's no telling what they might do to you next. They could use your children to feed starving peasants in India. They could sell your wife or husband to the British to pay off part of their debt. They might turn your children into prostitutes for the government to help continue to fund PBS! Do you want your children to become Barney's whores?!


For most of the 20th century, these stinking, loathsome, festering, boil-ridden, poor excuses for life forms have been bleeding the American people dry. And not just at home! The government of the United States has screwed over plenty of people around the world. Not only that, but these shifty-eyed, mindless, drooling, horrible, vicious, evil, demonic, flea-bearing, pestilent, sniveling, whining, toadying, child-molesting power mongers are the world's NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF APOPLEXY!!!!!!! THEY'LL STEAL YOUR CHILDREN AND SACRIFICE THEM IN BIZARRE SATANIC RITUALS!

They must be stopped. Voting won't stop them, petitioning won't stop them, ballot initiatives won't stop them.

Bullets will stop them! Baseball bats will stop them! Pitchforks will stop them! Skinning them alive will stop them!

The only thing that will stop them dead is DEATH!

Isn't Killing Them All Now Kind of Drastic?

NO! They signed up for the job. They stole from you, they lied to you, they stole from you some more, they destroyed the town you live in, they caused the increase in crime across the country, Mister Rogers has been brainwashing your children to make blind obedient followers of them! They are evil and they must be killed!

Don't let another day of their depredations go by unchallenged!


Yours etc. GRE (Mrs.)
Somewhere USA
Have a nice day.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Murdering Negro Democrats

[For those of you unfamiliar with him, Bill White is a mini-Fuhrer living in Roanoke, Virginia. He's an odd duck; he's been hanging around the periphery of the Movement for about six years now, and no one has quite figured out what his real name is or what his actual agenda is. The majority of what he produces, especially lately, is more or less drivel, describing his angst and his nervous breakdowns, etc. But I will concede this: about one in ten of the articles he posts are real gems. This is one. - HAC]

Murdering Negro Democrats
by Bill White

Democracy demands that we allow the "people” to elect whomever they choose to office. It demands this because it is the "best” way to choose "best” leadership.

Sometimes we forget the second sentence. We forget that the reason we have democracy is because we want the best leadership. We are supposed to tolerate inferior leadership as an accident of the system, and permit it to misguide society, being not the best leadership, because it will be removed during the next election.

But what if “people,” defined as whatever monkey animals the system allows to vote, are criminals and drug dealers and pimps and whores and homeless drunks who sit on street corners sucking down malt liquor and all the wicked of the world?

These people pick leaders who are like them — who use the authority of the state to protect immorality, to protect crack dealers and prostitutes and rapists and killers — and they do so repeatedly, driving out of the system the good and the best, and driving in the dross and the worst.

This is where the media is supposed to be a check on the system — but then you take a press controlled by the Jews, who are demons, and who exist to toment man on this earth, and who encourage the worst elements of society into positions of power precisely because they desire to see good men suffer.

At what point does this democracy lose its legitimacy, cease being the "best” system, and become something we must take up arms against and replace with a white fascism that systematically murders the corrupt and spoiled elements? "Who are you to judge what is or is not corrupt?" the wicked and the deluded always scream? Well, I am the man with the gun pointed at your head … is anything more needed?

Right and wrong, moral and immoral, exist as transcendent absolutes, but they are transcendent absolutes that can be detected and seen with a moral sense that is diseased and blinded in some members of the race, and absent in the non-white races. If someone can’t see it — if they have to ask — then they are sick, and the mere fact of asking the question answers it. If you don’t know you are good, then you are evil.

Right and wrong in practical terms — human terms — are nothing more than the function of the barrel of the gun. The same diseased soul that asks “What is right? What is wrong?” of a white man with a gun allows a nigger to rape, murder and rob with the same gun, without question. They allow this because the Negro responds to the question “Who are you to do this?” with the answer “I am the nigger with the gun.”

Its time that white men became the ones whose morality begins and ends with the barrel of a gun — and its time our guns were pointed in our interests, against the political system and the system of the press that allows decadence, vice and wickedness to rule.

The Hindu who wrote “Gang Leader for a Day” noted that the Democratic Party of the inner cities is largely run by black organized crime, with which it operates hand in glove. I have observed the same thing in the small inner city of Roanoke, where Negroes enjoy undue influence because of the deals they have made with white Democratic leaders, who allow them to operate black crime in Roanoke’s inner-ish city.

I think rebellion against this system doesn’t start with a spectacular killing, or the murder of one prominent Negro — it starts with many small killings, killlings so small that no one really cares about them — they attribute them to the street crime that defines the anarchic life of the Negro. A Negro agitator, a Negro councilman, a reporter with the local Jew press, maybe one of his or her editors — small people, people of the dime a dozen category that come and go from society all the time without anyone substantial noticing their absence.

Many small killings, chipping away at the foundation of the system, Negro by Negro, Jew by Jew, politican by politician, reporter by reporter, until, one day, the edifice finds its foundation is gone … and it topples … and it collapses.

Just a thought …

Monday, June 9, 2008

"Wise Up" For What?

I hear a lot of this business of "maybe what America needs is a nigger president, so White people will finally wake up and wise up."

Presuming for the moment that it is indeed possible for anything to "wake up" the Muggles---which I doubt---let's assume for the sake of argument that the election of a bubble-lipped Chicago street nigger to the White House achieves this not inconsiderable task. Okay, White people are now "woken up."

Now what?

What are we actually going to do about all this?

Well, I explain that, at some length, in my Northwest independence novels. I recommend that you check out

and then get in contact with me at

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brief Excerpt from AMF

[Brief excerpt from A Mighty Fortress by H. A. Covington. Available from]

After they left the surgery Shipman stared after them. “My God, they’re just children! Even that English kid! He ought to be out sculling on the Serpentine or in some pub drinking warm beer and talking drunken undergraduate bullshit, not coming to a foreign country to commit murder, and maybe die when he runs into someone who’s a better shot than the one who plugged you. As to the others—high school? How can you lead boys like Cody to their death?” demanded Shipman roughly. “Or that skinny little girl who thinks she’s Patty Hearst and it’s all some kind of giggly game? How can you live with yourself, knowing that you’re destroying the lives of children? White children, since I know you don’t care about black or brown ones.”

Brown sighed. “I got nothing against black or brown children, any more than I have anything against rabbits or mice. But you can’t let rabbits or mice run loose in your fields, or they’ll destroy your crops and devour your grain while giving nothing in return, and then nobody eats. And Cody isn’t a boy. He became a man the day he stood up and took on a man’s work in life by striking a blow at the enemies who destroyed his family, no matter what you think of his choice. There’s nothing wrong with becoming a man at sixteen. That’s the way it used to be for many thousands of years before we got so damned civilized, and that’s the way it needs to be again. But if you think we just use kids like Cody and Emily for cannon fodder, well, you’re wrong. I’m not going to argue with you, but you’re wrong.” He was quiet for a time. “They call me Farmer Brown because I used to have a farm once, seven hundred acres of prime wheat and sorghum and soybean in Latah, just outside Spokane. I had a son, too.”

“What happened?” asked Shipman.

“The bank took my farm and Iraq took my boy. And yeah, every day I collect a little on that debt from the pigs in human form who did that to me, and I enjoy every minute of it. That pleasure’s the only one I’ve got left in life. I could get the farm back after we win the Republic, but what would be the point? No one to leave it to. But it’s not just revenge. Revenge all on its own is nothing but a black hole you can never fill up, and I’m not so dumb or full of hate that I don’t understand that. I’m a Volunteer to make sure it never happens again. Do you think for one minute that after having buried my own son, I would ever lead Cody or anyone else into danger of death by gunfire unless there was no other way to make things right with the world? I tried your way. I even ran for office before 10/22. None of the local television stations or newspapers would take my advertising, my campaign manager was beaten by hired goons, I was arrested on a phony charge of embezzling campaign funds, and I still won, so my opponent simply went scuttling to a Jewish Federal judge and had the result thrown out. We use bullets now, not ballots. Bullets work. Ballots don’t, unless you count ‘em yourself.”

“You can’t order the future all nice and neat with a gun!” said Shipman.

“Yeah, I know that too. But I can try. I can do what little I can, and if enough of us just do what little we can, well, maybe we can’t make sure everybody gets a winning hand a hundred and two hundred years from now, but at least we can re-shuffle the deck.”

Shipman sighed and slumped into a chair. After a while Brown said, “By the way, thanks.”

“Don’t mention it,” said Shipman.

Saturday, June 7, 2008


[Old banjo-pickin' tune. I have to say, McKinley wasn't too bad, other than the Spanish-American War, and that braying jackass Teddy Roosevelt and William Randolph Hearst more or less dragooned him into that. At least he had sense enough not to annex Cuba. But someone got sufficiently pissed off at McKinley (over the Pullman and Homestead strikes) to plug his ass. Now, where the hell is a Polish anarchist when you need him and how can we get one to Denver?]

McKinley hollers, McKinley squalls,
The doctor says "McKinley, I can't find the ball,
You're bound to die,
Yeah, you're bound to die!"

"Doctor, Doctor, do all you can,
A man just shot my husband with a handkerchief over his hand,
I'm afraid he'll die,
I'm afraid he'll die."

Czoglosz, you rascal, see what you done!
You plugged poor McKinley with a Johnson .41,
He's bound to die!
Yeah, he's bound to die!"

Jailer said to Czolgosz, "You know why you're here,
You plugged poor McKinley, gonna take the electric chair!
You're bound to die,
Yeah, you're bound to die!"

Czolgosz told the jailer, "Treat me like a man,
You know that when I die I'm bound to go to Dixieland,
I'll be gone,
A long, long time!"

See the train a-rollin', rollin' down the track,
McKinley's in his coffin, and he ain't a-coming back,
From Buffalo,
To Washington!

Roosevelt's in the White House now, drinking from a silver cup,
McKinley's in the graveyard, and he's trying to get up!
He'll be gone,
A long, long time!

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Schvoogie Surrenders

In view of BO's latest public application of his bubble lips to the Israel lobby, in one sense I hope he doesn't get popped for a while, at least.

I'd like to be around about this time next year when it finally dawns on these bird-brained, hippy-dippy Sixties retreads that the occupation of Iraq is still going strong, and their beloved President Obama has not the slightest intention of standing up to the Jews and withdrawing American troops.

I want to heat their agonized screams about how they've been betrayed. I love hearing hippy-dippy cretins scream and scream, and I'm gonna laugh, and laugh, and laugh....

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Short Brigade Excerpt

Short excerpt from The Brigade, by H. A. Covington:

Hatfield wasn’t offended; he understood the need for suspicion and precaution and he knew that in a movement like the NVA, trust and comradeship was not something that would come overnight. It had to be carefully forged and then tempered in the fire of combat. Nothing loath, he started talking. He was lucky in that Coyle’s bullshit detectors were excellent and they detected none; it occurred to him that if Coyle had sensed anything off kilter about him he wouldn’t be seeing the bus station again. But Coyle sized him up and at some point, he approved. After a time Zack could feel the conversation easing into serious business between colleagues. "So what does the big picture look like?" he eventually asked.

"A lot of thought has gone into the question of how the revolution in the Northwest will flow, so to speak, with relation to the urban-rural question," Morehouse explained. "Mao’s classical dictum was that you always take the countryside first and the cities last. That’s fine for the Third World, but it doesn’t always work. There are a hundred other factors that come into play. That countryside-to-city flow worked in China and in Cuba, then Che Guevara tried it in Bolivia and fell flat on his ass. The Iranian revolution was almost entirely urban, the Afghan resistance against the Russians and later the Americans was almost entirely rural, and the Iraqi insurgency is a well-balanced hybrid of both, although in Iraq the resistance has massive support of the people of a kind we don’t have yet, and they have more numbers than we’ll likely have for a long time."

"They also have massive world opinion on their side and beaucoup outside sources of supply, as well as recruiting and training bases across every border," Zack reminded him. "I remember one of the classes we got in guerrilla warfare from the TAC school in the Rangers. The instructor was an egghead professor type from some neocon think tank, and he told us that it’s always been considered that a completely self-contained insurgency based inside the country of operation, without foreign bases and outside supply lines, was impossible."

"Nothing is impossible," said Coyle vigorously. "We’re going to win this, period, end of story. We have to take that attitude right from the start."

"It always helps to have allies and exterior sources of aid, true," agreed Morehouse. "But it’s not completely necessary. The Bolsheviks had none in 1917, and the Provisional IRA and the Taliban always made do with a minimum. We will eventually develop some outside resources, of course. A lot of people across the world want to see the United States go down, and they’ll be willing to help once they observe that our men have the right stuff and we are seriously pinning down American forces which would otherwise be used against their own countries. The Russians in particular won’t have any objection to stepping back up to superpower status while we mangle ZOG from within. Bear in mind that there are certain advantages in fighting from within the belly of the beast. For all the incipient collapse and waste of the past three generations, this is still the richest country on the face of the earth. Everything we need to fight and win is right here; we just have to take it."

Coyle nodded. "You’re right, Red. It’s all there just waiting for us to stiffen our spines and take it. We need weapons and ammunition? We don’t need gunrunners from outside. There are enough guns left in private hands in this country to get us started, guns we can beg or buy, or just take. From then on it’s simple. We fight and kill the enemy and then we take their weapons and ammo. The Old Man always said that gun control was never really that important an issue. There was no point in having a right to keep and bear arms if we were never going to use it. How many right wing cranks have we all known down through the years who had a whole rec room full of guns, all gathering dust and rust, not one of them ever used to fire a single shot in anger at the real racial enemy?"

"Oh, I have seen some private arsenals in the hands of right wing eccentrics that would make us all drool with envy," Morehouse chuckled. "Rusting away while the owners got older and older and more senile, until they died and their liberal asshole kids gave the guns to the police. Weapons kept obsessively clean and well oiled-and never taken out of the closet even when things were at their worst. It’s like the Old Man always said-once we get some iron in our souls, we’ll find a way to get some iron in our hands."

"We need safe houses, training and staging areas?" Coyle continued. "The Pacific Northwest is huge; the feds simply won’t have the manpower to put a soldier behind every Douglas fir tree. Remember how it was, Zack, when we tried to occupy Iraq with only 140,000 men? There were hadjis behind every window and in every ditch, and we never knew where they were. The Northwest Homeland is at least three times the size of Iraq, and most of it is heavy forest and mountain, not empty desert. Screw outside help. It’s all here for us, if we’re man enough to use it. We have to get rid of this attitude that the federals are somehow better than us or superior to us. They aren’t. They’re not the bosses in this land anymore. We are. The police and the FBI are no longer the baddest motherfuckers on the block; the NVA is. The NVA does not fight on the defensive. They do. They don’t hunt us. We hunt them. We can get all the weapons and ammo we need with a little hustle, explosives as well, plus what we can make ourselves. If we run short on anything else, we can always just raid the local Mighty Mart. Our sources of supply are right under our nose. We’ve got the elbow room to float like a humming bird and sting like a bee. This is a spiritual problem, not a material one. What we need are men and women with enough balls to pull the triggers and live the life."

"The size and terrain of our new country is in our favor," pointed out Morehouse. "A completely self-contained revolt might have small chance of success in some small and overcrowded country like England or Belgium, or some tiny state like Vermont or New Hampshire here, where the occupation forces can monitor pretty much everything and bring their superior forces to bear on any point quickly. This is the problem the Palestinians have always faced. They’re trying to fight in a strip of land the size of a postage stamp, crowded in like sardines with their own people. But here in the Northwest we’ve got room to maneuver."

"Maneuver exactly how?" asked Hatfield.

"What the Army Council finally decided on is a series of small crews raising as much hell as possible in the cities, to keep the enemy forces mostly occupied in the urban centers, and make even fewer troops and cops available for large stretches of countryside and small towns like the North Shore where your company will be operating, Zack. This should make your job in this area a lot easier, since hopefully they’ll be so occupied protecting their own institutions and people in Portland that they’re just not going to be able to spare much in the way of manpower to chase you and your boys over hill and dale through hundreds of square miles of forest, or go rooting around for you in every isolated farm and logging camp. For the first year or so, in addition to direct operations against all federal authority and personnel in general, we want the combat crews to concentrate on gofers."

"On what?" asked Zack, puzzled.

"General Order Number Four," said Coyle. "GO-4 enforcement actions. Gofers. Get it?"