Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Ridiculous Figure of Hussein Obama

A Greek temple?

Boy, that dumb-ass nigger walked right into that one. Does he have no idea how ridiculous he looks? Remember, laughter can bring this BabyShit Brown Messiah down just as effectively as a bullet, and anyone with any sense of decorum or propriety or irony must be laughing their head off at him tonight.

Kind of like the Cannibal King, the "Emperor Bokassa" of Central Africa, importing one of Napoleon's thrones from the Louvre for his coronation.


Anonymous said...

Bokassa was quite literally a cannibal, wasn't he?

Anonymous said...

He sure talked a good game last night. The only problem is, a politician almost always does the exact opposite of what comes out of his mouth.

Dave 08292008/1013

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Obama is really a Muslim "Manchurian Candidate" he will do what we don't have the guts to do any more and kill the Jews.

brian boru said...

Emperor Jean Bokassa used one third of the GNP of his 'empire' for his grand wedding. The French were only too happy to sell him everything he wanted. It was rumoured that some of the dishes served at the reception contained parts of some of the emperor's enemies. Somehow I doubt it because the organisation of such an extravaganza would have to have been in the hands of whites brought in from France. You must admit, these niggers do provide entertainment for civilised people with their antics sometimes, so long as it is at a distance and not in our neighbourhoods, cities or countries and certainly not in our presidential abodes.

Anonymous said...