Friday, August 29, 2008

Smooth One, Potato Head

Looks like Mr. Potato Head wised up and deep-sixed all the Joe Lieberman crap, which would have utterly finished him and insured that in January a primate would be jumping up and down on the desk in the Oval Office going ook! eek!

McCain nominated some bimbo no one ever heard of as Veep, thus neatly sending the messages to the Sea Hag's hairy-legged neurotic crones that while Buckwheat has dissed them and their Maximal She-Goddess, dear old Potato Head just loves de wimmins and they can come on over and put some manners on that shitskin in the polling booth in November. Smooth play, Potato man!


Anonymous said...

I agree, Very smart move by Potato Head. She's a former Buchanan supporter and lifetime NRA member.

Anonymous said...

All those pissed-off Sea Hagettes that vote for Potato Head because he was smart enough to pick a veep with tits just might put him over and keep that bush ape out of the White House. Let us hope.

Anonymous said...

I would have LOVED to see the faces of the Obamadroids when McCain made his announcement!

Screaming with laughter,

Dave 08292008/1854

Matt Krause said...

If Potato Head gets in, people in the PNW, especially in Idaho, might be hard to win over as long as Palin is Vice President, or President. She was born in Idaho, and returned there for college. Success with [you know what] is all about winning "the hearts and minds" of the people. The good part of that process just might have to wait until after she has left office. Think about it, there will be a lot of pro-federal sentiment in the PNW as long as a local girl is in either of those high offices.

Another interesting thing. She made some pro-Ron Paul comments, and it has been noted that she has some paleo-conservative/libertarian leanings, yet her son enlisted in the Zionist army on 11 September 2007, and of course now she is towing the Zionist party line as Potato Head's pick. I wonder if she will be called on this contradiction, or if people will accept it as part of being a mainstream politician.

As for people in our "movement" who say that the Funky Monkey would be a blessing in disguise because he'd make things decline much faster, to the point of race war (Duke and others have talked along these lines lately), I simply don't think that we are ready for things to decline to that point yet. It would certainly be nice to have more time to get things set up in the PNW.