Thursday, August 14, 2008

Key Obama Organizer Assassinated

Key Obama Organizer Assassinated In Arkansas
Democratic Party Chair Shot; Political Violence Returns To America

by Bill White

[In view of Mr. White's proven ability to post direct physical threats to personally murder the sitting President of the United States, as well as inciting violence against a number of other people, with not even so much as a mild protest from law enforcement, I hope my visitors of the other day will allow me to borrow his privileged status and reprint one of his pieces here. I myself am waiting on more information before commenting. I want to know what exactly it was that Mr. Johnson wrote on the wall of the Target store in Conway, which led to his being fired and instigated the incident in question. - HAC]

In response to substantial provocation from a Jewish-run Democratic Party intent on the genocide of white working people, a shooter, identity still unknown, forced his way into the office of Obama campaign leader and Democratic Party Chair Bill Gwatney and shot the scumbag three times, leaving him near death in a local hospital.

Police chased the gunman, who fled in a blue pickup truck before he was forced off the road and into a tree in nearby Grant County, nearly twenty miles, guns blazing, in an effort to prevent his escape.

The nomination of Kenyan tribesman Barack Obama, a militant black communist with ties to Islamic "terror" groups, as the Democrat's candidate for President of the United States has been a disaster for the Democratic Party, leading to internal splits and widespread hatred of their organization among white working people.

Further, the Jewish media, whose billionaire owners fund and control the Obama campaign, have spent several months trying to incite violence against the candidate in order to further build his celebrity. The Jews believe an effort to assassinate Obama will highlight his "importance" and make voters more likely to embrace him.

The shooting is not likely to be the last as the campaign for president grows. Already, Obama campaign offices across the Midwest have been subject to violence, primarily vandalism and window breaking.


Anonymous said...

Right target, anyway. At least he didn't go berserk shooting down his innocent white co-workers and targeted one of the sons of bitches responsible for his problems.

Anonymous said...

This happened in ARKANSAS? Hillary's old stomping ground? And nobody's said anything about that yet?

Sounds like a message is being sent.

And expect to see a little MORE of this type of housecleaning. The local radio station announced today that Hillary would be placed on the ballot in Denver, and the nomination for Democrat candidate would be by roll call vote.

Yeah, that's what I'd want to do if I ere a delegate...tell Hillary to her face that I wanted Obama to be President.


Anonymous said...

this reminds me of a game of whack a mole. You whack on of the heads and the just keep cropping up somewhere else. One dead politician, two dead politician, it is exciting to see who drops next.

Anonymous said...

Its always good and healthy to see politicians getting the hot lead enemas. It always brings a smile to my face for a politician to get his come uppins