Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The So-Called Assassination Plot

No real news on it as yet, but that "traffic stop" sounds way, way too convenient to me. The whole thing looks almost cliche--blue-collar White working man in a pick-up truck with rifles and meth? Mmmmmmm.....

My gut feeling, this is some kind of theater set up by the Obamanable Snowmen to generate sympathy for Monkey Meat. "Oh, poor little ole Barry, de wicked white boys be after my baby-shit brown ass..." Right now I think it's a fake. What do you want to bet this is a three day wonder during the convention and then it disappears, except for what ever poor dumb bastard the federal agent provocateur set up being quietly buried alive?

We should be ashamed of ourselves, allowing this whole Obama mess to happen.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe it either.

Anonymous said...

Harold, I'll take your bet if you take mine: The whole thing was a "Wag The Dog" moment. Kind of like that guy that shot up the White House with an SKS rifle a couple of days before a vote to ban them was up. He was tackled by a couple of buffed-out, buzz-cutted "tourists," and was captured on video by a third "tourist."

And for all the anonymous posters and "lurkers out there, I'd like you to do something for me (and foryourselves):

1. Find a nice quiet place away from people.

2. Whisper "The Word" out loud. You know, The Dreaded 'N' Word (tm). Nobody will hear you, or see you, or report you. But you must actually say the word out loud. This is very important, if you're new here. It will help you overcome something called "learned helplessness" (do a search on it for more info).

3. The next time you post here, physically type your first name and the date/time you said The Word, like this:

"Dave 08262008/1851"

Congratulations! You have taken the first step of the thousand mile journey from merely thinking, to actually acting. A tiny step, but an important one.

Dave 08262006/1853