Saturday, August 2, 2008

Obama/Curious George T-Shirts

Dear Harold,

We are selling them on our website if anyone is interested.

-April Gaede


Interesting; I did a Google search and not one single anti-Obama site appeared in the first four pages. Several weeks ago when I did the same thing, there were three or four sites that were criticial of Hussein, or at least that didn't fall down and suck his dick outright. I don't know who's doing what, but criticism or questioning of this whole Funky Monkey madness is simply being swept off the Net by someone. It could be that this monkey business (pun intended) with my other blogs over the past few days is part and parcel of that, although they were all restored. I have no idea why. Who can tell what is going on in these people's minds any more?


Anonymous said...

Who the hell is jamming this nigger down our throats? He obviously lacks the intelligence to do it himself; he can barely keep up a coherent conversation with a reporter. (Admittedly, neither could Bush.)

Anonymous said...

HAC, the bit about the anti-Osama (oops, anti OBAMA; I just can't seem to tell the difference) websites is more of an attempt to boost those sites, rather than to stuff anyone else's down. The way Google works is, it searches for websites with changed content and keywords (the keywords don't have to have anything to do with the actual content of the site, either). A script can be run to "change the content," i.e. misspell a word, then correct it several times per minute. This moves the site up the rankings.

Plus, another script could do the same thing in reverse without too much trouble, I guess.


Phineas Phreak said...

You shouldn't run graphics like this on here, Harold, because they legitimize the bubble-lip by treating him as if he is a legitimate candidate. He is not. He is a nigger, and by definition can never legitimately hold public office because public office is only for human beings.

Anonymous said...

Exactly! Obama must be rejected not because of his "policies" (as if he had brains enough to formulate any), but because he is a monkey and has no business in the White House or any other public building besides a zoo.

Anonymous said...

Probably just technical glitches while the feds got all their surveillance gear installed.