Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Northwest Trilogy

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Oops! Missing days already! Sorry, I was tied up with producing Northwest Observer #72 yesterday. A sample copy may be obtained from me at or

For those of you who find the topic of White armed struggle fascinating, you need to obtain and read the Northwest Independence series of novels:

A Distant Thunder
A Mighty Fortess
The Hill of the Ravens
The Brigade

For an introduction to these works, check out

Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Army of Eeyores

[From The Struggle That Dare Not Speak Its' Name, circa 1994]

SUCH AS IT IS, the Aryan racial nationalist movement throughout theworld since 1945 has been distinguished by one remarkable characteristicwhich separates it from every other revolutionary movement ever known: areluctance verging on the racially suicidal to engage in armed military struggle against genocidal tyranny.

Genuine politics is about one thing: the acquisition and exercise of power. All else is political hobbyism, a luxury which the wealthy landed gentry of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries who created liberal democracy could afford, but which a race on the verge of extinction cannot.

Power, all power without exception, is in the final analysis founded on one basis: armed force. Religion, constitutions, civil laws, custom and all the various social institutions for reinforcing acceptable behavior (i.e. submission to authority) all have their place in a state's power structure, but without the ultimate sanction of the bayonet they are meaningless.

All power, without exception, is initially acquired through armed force or through the imminent threat of armed force. Some revolutions are bloodier than others; the Bolsheviks slaughtered millions, while the National Socialist German Workers' Party came to power in Germany after somewhat less than a thousand deaths in fourteen years of street fighting between the Party's paramilitary formations and the Communists. But all modern states, without exception, were originally brought into existence by men who fought for power with weapons in their hands.

Power becomes accessible to revolutionaries when the existing order loses two vital assets upon which the maintenance of any government depends. The first element is the at least passive and tacit consent of the governed, and the second is the credible monopoly of armed force. When the revolutionary movement has both the will and the capacity to commit acts of armed insurrection against the state, and to do so with impunity, i.e., the perpetrators are not caught and punished, then the state has lost the credible monopoly of force which is the foundation of all power.

Persons other than those sanctioned by the state exercise power over the lives and destinies of others; the revolutionary movement begins to displace the state's apparatus by armed compulsion as well as by transferring the consent of the governed to itself through persuasion and propaganda.

Both persuasion and coercion are neessary to carry out a successful revolution. Neither element alone can succeed without the other. All the propaganda, all the popular support and all the legal activity in the world are useless if the state can fall back on armed force to maintain itself and destroy opposition. A revolutionary movement without an effective armed wing is doomed to perpetual futility and eventual defeat.

The formulations stated above are by no means original with me; they are as old as statecraft itself. I simply happen to be the only American White nationalist who is willing to discuss them in public. These truths are obvious from even the most cursory examination of human history. They are also obvious from reading today's headlines. It is a demonstrable historical fact: pursued with sufficient persistence, ruthlessness, military expertise and fearless disregard for the consequences, armed struggle eventually works.

Why, then, do the White males of the late twentieth century persistently refuse to utilize the gun, the basic tool of power which is understood and applied without hesitation by the most savage African tribal leader and the most corrupt and uncouth Latin American despot? As a side issue of some interest, why does our present Aryan leadership (again, such as it is) consistently refuse even to address this question, instead expending a good deal of time and effort orchestrating extensive campaigns of slander and vilification against those who do?

There are several immediately apparent reasons. As discreditable as it is, a good part of it is simple garden-variety physical cowardice, as well as fear on the part of the "leaders" that any boat-rocking militancy will draw heat and frighten the racist couch potatoes who provide the bulk of the present constellation of grouplets' mail-order funding, sending them scuttling for cover, their precious checkbooks snapped shut like oysters.

There is also the incredible lack of practical political education and knowledge among what passes for Aryan leadership, the bulk of whom are politically and historically illiterate. Your average Ku Klux Klan "leader" has never cracked a proper history book in his life and probably thinks Machiavelli is a foreign sports car.

To be sure, some prominent Movement figures, especially those involved in Revisionism, do have a high degree of specialized knowledge within certain very narrow fields, such as Constitutional esoterica or the Third Reich period in Germany. But while they may be able to wax abstruse on obscure points of common law which the Federal judiciary of today simply ignores or rattle off the name of every SS division and every Jew who was ever involved in Marxism, by and large any in-depth historical scholarship is almost entirely lacking within the Movement.

But our reluctance to face up to the reality of armed struggle's pivotal role in social and political change goes beyond these immediately apparent causes. It reaches into the deep-rooted psychological malaise which has pervaded the entire White racial resistance movement thoughout the Western world since 1945. This psychological and spiritual condition is difficult to quantify.

The late Dr. Revilo Oliver once posed the famous question: "Have we, the men of the West, lost the will to live?" Down through the years I have often observed that the White man in America seems to be in the grip of a kind of collective death wish, a mysterious and inexplicable will to failure.

I am by no means the first to notice this phenomenon. One of the best articles the late Bob Miles ever wrote was in the aftermath of the Fort Smith sedition trials of 1988, when he pointed out in his "From the Mountain" newsletter that the acquittals in that despicable charade, instead of heartening us and encouraging more activism, resulted in an avalanche of sullen defeatism, smears, carping and dog-in-the-manger petty bickering throughout the Movement.

Bob pointed out something which is crucial to understanding why we have gotten virtually nowhere for the past two generations. Over and above the preponderance of outright fraudulent leadership who are in it for the money, the Movement has been controlled for years by elements who are deeply pessimistic, defeatist, lazy, lethargic and mired in profound depression over Aryan man's terrible present situation and our more terrible prospects for the future. We are an army of Eeyores.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

An Important Distinction

[This is from an old essay I wrote many years ago entitled The Struggle That Dare Not Speak Its Name. - HAC]

Bear in mind the essential difference between direct action and the stupid illegal act.

Direct action is an overt act which inflicts serious damage against the enemy through the loss of important personnel or resources; an act which improves the Movement's image as serious revolutionaries to be treated with the respect which comes from the capacity to use force successfully; which demoralizes and confuses the enemy and correspondingly strengthens the morale of the Movement and the White population as a whole. Finally, the most critical component of direct action is that the persons carrying it out are not apprehended or punished by the forces of the state.

By contrast, the stupid illegal act is usually carried out spontaneously, with little or no prior planning, often under the influence of alcohol. It is directed against minor targets such as street niggers, individual faggots or race-mixers, etc. who are no real loss to the system, there being plenty more where they came from. Finally, the perpetrators are almost always immediately arrested and given crushing prison sentences, thus boosting the enemy's morale and bolstering the deterrent effect of the establishment's crumbling legal machinery, giving it a gloss of efficiency which it does not in fact possess.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Way

It is better to die on one's feet than to live on one's knees.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Obamanation

Why, man, he doth bestride the narrow world
Like a Colossus, and we petty men
Walk under his huge legs and peep about
To find ourselves dishonourable graves.
Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

-Julius Caesar, Act I, Scene 2

Sunday, May 25, 2008

To Make Them Stop

The essential purpose of assassination in the context of today's society would not be so much vengeance, or punishment, or to "make a statement," or to commit an act of "propaganda of the deed" as the lefties call it. The purpose of assassination these days is simply to make them stop. To make these asshole politicians and the bureaucrats and media intellectuals and other assorted creeps stop doing what they are doing.

Nothing else seems to work. Elections don't work when there are no meaningful candidates on the ballot, and we end up with a doofus like John McCain on the Republican ticket, courtesy of the Diebold Corporation. Ballots don't work when your vote isn't counted by Diebold. Democracy doesn't work when it requires millions of dollars to buy your way in--even the Sea Hag herself has had to go $11 million dollars in debt in her own money over and above what her votaries contributed. (Rumor has it she's now got her palm out to BO to be reimbursed for that money as a condition for her dropping out of the race. Hillary herself gets her money back; the old feminist bags and other little people who contributed to her campaign can go jump in a lake. They're out their money.)

The purpose of assassination isn't even to make them listen to us. We don't want the politicians to listen to us. Listening is no good if they don't do what we say, like they're supposed to, since they allegedly work for us. We want them to stop doing what they're doing. A dead politician cannot steal. A dead politician cannot lie. A dead politician cannot betray. A dead politician cannot ignore us and hold us in contempt any more. A dead politician can't fuck anybody over any more. There is simply no substitute for a bullet in the head to make them stop.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Welcome To The South Park of the Internet

A couple of days ago, that desiccated liberal bitch Hillary Clinton finally admitted in a newspaper interview in South Dakota something I think we have all kind of suspected for some time, that being that one of the reasons she's hanging on to the Democratic presidential primary race like grim death is that she's waiting for somebody to come along and waste the stupid coon, thus eliminating her competition in the most final manner possible.

An assassin might do this out of a lust for glory and immortality or out of genuine racial idealism and patriotism in order to spare the country the unspeakable disaster of an Obama presidency. They might do it because Bill or Hillary hired them to do it, although I think the Sea Hag is in fact too cagey to get traceably involved in any of the actual wet work; she's never been short flunkies for that purpose. They might do it purely to get their 15 Minutes, even at the expense of their own lives, kind of an American Idol experience, Tim McVeigh chic being better than none. Or the assassin might be just plain nuts. There's a lot of that going around. This is, after all, Amurrica, and we are an insane people.

But the point is, this is Amurrica, and if Hillary gets to make public reference to BO biting the big one, then so do we. That's what this blog is for. Consider this blog the South Park of the internet. South Park gets to talk about excrement, deviate sex, vomit, farts, dancing turds, and general filth in ways never before seen on TV.

But also, in between the toilet humor and the mice being inserted up faggots' asses, the show gets to talk about Jews and niggers and Mexicans and the Sea Hag and the war, and other forbidden political and racial topics in ways that would never be tolerated by any of the talking heads on the cable news shows. South Park's purpose in the scheme of things seems to be to push the envelope, to see how far they can go, to see what they can get away with. That's essentially the purpose of this blog.

In ancient and medieval times, one of the worst and most treasonable offenses was to speak of the death of the king. That's what we're going to do here. We are going to speak of the death of our (apparently) newly appointed Nubian Lord and Master and his bubble-lipped, prognatheous-jawed consort, Michelle My Belle, whom I swear to God does in fact look like the result of the interbreeding of a man and one of the larger primates. If Obama wins (or should I say when, since it seems to have been decided already) Michelle My Belle will unquestionably go down in history as the ugliest First Lady ever to defile the East Wing with her goat-smelling carcass.

We are going to speak of the death of de O-Man and his ho', and there will be no disclaimers, no coy protests about this or that niggling little loophole to try and pretend that we're not saying what anyone with two brain cells will be able to understand that we're saying.

A Barack Obama presidency would be the worst and most unmitigated disaster in United States history, for reasons which should be obvious to anyone with the intelligence of grapes. There are millions of White Americans who long to see this gibbering porch monkey and his rancid consort dead.

They don't have the guts to do it, of course. Let's face it, Barack Obama could stroll unarmed and unguarded right across the cow pasture at a Klan rally, get up on the podium and make a speech about "change," and there does not exist in this country any more a single White male who has the physical courage to raise a hand against him. As far as any actual attempt at assassinating Obama, it ain't gonna happen. White men don't kill their enemies any more, and everybody from the Secret Service on down knows it. The government's enforcement agencies know we're a joke, even if we pretend not to.

But we can dream. I'm not saying that to be funny. A people in chains can still dream of freedom, even if they can no longer comprehend what it means to be free. We no longer have the courage to act--but a few of us may still have the courage to speak of our dreams.

This blog is for them.

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