Saturday, July 12, 2008

Who Will Cack Barack Obama? #3

Maybe some pissed-off Muslims, given the way the Funky Monkey panders to the bird-brained neocons and against his own people in a (futile) quest for votes.

Remember those two Muslim girls BO wouldn't let sit behind him on camera at one of his public appearances, lest the public see their headscarves and be reminded of his own religious baclground? They got an apology, but what they didn't get was a chance to sit in his cheering section on TV and be seen in public with him. Only pretty White girls get to be seen in public with Barack the Magic Negro. No head-covered Muslim maidens or bubble-lipped female Congoid apes with shit-colored skings and jaws that could anchor a cargo tanker.

Well, none except Michelle, anyway.


Karl Zimmer said...

If people would just pay just a little attention, they would see fairly quickly that Obama never really SAYS anything. That is no mistake, and it is not because he has nothing to say, either. Whoever is handling Obama and feeding him his script knows exactly what he is doing. Like Jerry Brown said, "A little vagueness goes a long way in this business."

Anonymous said...

Though claiming to be Christian himself, Obama makes little secret of his anti-Christian outlook. His mentor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, switched from being a rabidly radical and racist Black Muslim to being a rabidly radical and racist Christian, a pattern emulated by Obama himself.

Anonymous said...

That Michelle creature looks like a goddamned gorilla in the mist.

Keith Frost said...

I still have my money on the Jews.