Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Censors of Google Strike

Hi, guys:

The Thoughtcrime blog (downwithjugears) has been locked on me, although for some reason this one has not been. Go figure. No idea what their reasoning is on this, if there is any. Thoughtcrime was actually a lot milder than this blog, but maybe it was my dissing Amy Winehouse that got it the chop. The official reason is "investigation of violation of Terms of Service"; I guess one of the geeks at Google in charge of these censorship gigs must be an Amy Winehouse fan.

They also locked down two other blogs of mine that I have not used in months, so there can be no question of "spam" or any such rubbish. (I've noticed that when ISPs want to censor inconvenient views and put a stop to people communicating, they always drag "spam" in there somewhere as a fig leaf to cover their moral nakedness.) Not quite sure how one can "spam" from a blog, but I'm sure they've got a good story, which I will try to obtain.

For the time being go to for a backup Thoughtcrime, although I've no idea how long that one will stay up. When they pull that one, I'll just set up another one, and when they pull this one, same thing.

I have moderated a Yahoo group for almost three years now, and during that time I've had to start over from scratch at least three times when the self-appointed censors pulled it down, and I have always built up my readership to the same level as before. It's what you have to live with in a totalitarian police state. Apparently the Usual Suspects have decided that there simply will be no criticism of Barack Obama in the blogosphere, period.

Illegitimi Non Carborundem - "Don't let the bastards wear you down."



Ron D. said...

It was inevitable that they'd try to shut you up, Harold. It's a sign that you're being effective.

Ed Peacock said...

It looks like the Power is determined that we WILL have a goddamned nigger president and no dissent or questioning is to be allowed.