Friday, July 18, 2008

The Future

[More excerpts from an old article I wrote back in the days when Barack Obama was still standing around with his homeys doing coke on the corner in Chicago.]

Aside from the massive vote fraud which has become a regular feature of American elections, demographics increasingly dictate against our use of electoral politics. The simple fact of the matter is that White people in general are becoming outnumbered in large parts of this country, and racially conscious White people even more so. The various Third World minorities, the left-wing, union, feminist and faggot bloc votes will combine with that solid lump of White jackasses who simply will not change their voting patterns no matter how much it would be in their racial interest to do so.

And suppose we did win a few minor public offices? Elected officials in this society no longer wield much in the way of effective power; true power is concentrated unconstitutionally in the hands of the federal judiciary and the massive civil service bureaucracy. There is little point in getting our people elected to talking shops whose primary function in these times is to rubber-stamp the power structure's true agenda.....

At some point in the future, the White man in North America will be confronted with a choice: he must either fight for his right to exist here, literally, in the sense of armed combat with military weapons, or he must perish and hand his children over into slavery.

We cannot save our people if we persistently refuse even to discuss physical resistance against the government which is enslaving us and the anthropoid sub-species who butcher us like hogs for sport. We cannot hope to lead our children out of the terrible world into which they have been born if we lie to them and lie to ourselves that ultimate salvation will be found in a ballot box or a computer terminal behind which we can sit on a soft cushioned chair. If our race is to survive, then there must come a time of death, blood and fire.


Jon Manzione said...

Good one as always, Harold

Anonymous said...

What's your thoughts on the "lone wolf" strategy? I heard that this was effective in Germany after the end of WWII.


Keith Frost said...

I would love to start fighting, but as one man I’d come across as a Buford Furrow more than anyone else.

The Old Man of the Mountain said...

I recently commented on "Lone Wolf" in the latest issue of Northwest Observer. Contact me directly for a copy.