Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Secret Policeman's Balls-Up

Hi, guys:

More cyber-weirdness, which I won't get into except in a general way. Not being a rich Jew, I can't afford cable modem or DSL. Apparently what has happened is that one of the United States government's multifarious secret police agencies, Secret Service or whoever, have placed a tap on my telephone line which is sucking so much juice and creating so much static--I pick up the phone and it hisses at me like a tomcat--that I am having great difficulty getting a connection to the internet through my ISP.

Spent the day screaming and bellowing at assorted wogs gibbering broken English in comically misnamed "customer service" call centers which have been moved to India and Guatemala respectively, and eventually found that much out. It is apparently no longer possible to place any kind of call for any kind of customer service without getting sent to the Third World and trying to wade through a "customer rep's" broken English. They used to train these wogs to impersonate American or British accents and call themselves Kevin or Jennifer; now the secret's out and they don't bother any more, because they know that as always White people will grumble and then do nothing about it.

Anyway, it may be a while before your favorite blogs are fully restored to functionality. I was able to get this post up (obviously) and there's one at Thoughtcrime ( http://downwithjugears,blogspot.com/ ) trashing Amy Winehouse. Want to get things back up and running on all cylinders before I start ripping into the Funky Monkey again.

Oh, by the way, I presume you heard about that little contretemps with Michelle My Belle in the hotel room in New York? Looks like my "Michelle Has Fleas" story was spot on.

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