Monday, July 28, 2008

Is He Going To Diss The Bitch?

Still no word on whether or not BO is going to let the Sea Hag onto his ticket as Vice Presidential nominee. He's getting all the mileage he can out of her, but supposedly a number of her top battle-axes, er, supporters, have already met with Mr. Potato Head's people to figure out how best to kneecap the Funky Monkey for his uppitiness. I understand that the Democrats are referring to Mommy Dearest's die-hard Gorgons as PUMAs ("Party Unity My Ass.")

Word has it that Michelle My Belle has already put her hoof down and said "No Hillary," so we may see a contest as to which one of these ugly broads gets to pussy-whip BO. However, if he does give Mommy Dearest the VP slot, Obama better start wearing kevlar underwear. Arkansas and Washington are littered with the dead bodies of people who got in the Clintons' way, and they have no scruples at all about doing in a brother. Was that business with Hussein's airplane last month really accidental? Remember Ron Brown?

NOTE: Someone, presumably at Google and presumably at the request of the secret police, has disabled the comments section on this blog, which in a way is something of an accolade, because it shows we're having an impact. I know it's somebody monkeying around, no pun intended, because none of my other blogs are so disabled. I am trying to actually raise a human being up out of his coffin at Google, which is something of an undertaking, and see if I can get something done about this. Will keep you all posted. Failing the return of the comments section I will simply re-post comments directly to the blog. They will eventually just pull it down, of course, like they have other anti-Obama blogs, in which case I will immediately start it back up again. Make of note of my addies so you can e-mail me and find the new URL: and


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