Thursday, July 31, 2008

Monkey Of The Year

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One thing that's been sickening me of late is the liberals and their orgasmic accolades of Hussein Obama, their Monkey of the Year. I don't care what liberal news channel you tune into, or what time of day or night it is, they'll have something about BO, his wife, his kids, or some other mundane piece of drivel playing.

I constantly hear words like "fantastic" and "powerful" and "heir to Kennedy", and other such puke. His speeches are always "powerful" or "groundbreaking", and his views on everything are always "insightful" and "prophetic". One blonde anchorwoman was chortling his praises so wild-eyed and excitedly that I could swear she had one hand under her dress while she crooned his praises.

And of course the tone changes immediately whenever they are forced to surrender 20 seconds of air time to McCain in the "interests of fairness" (gag). All the smiles are gone and they report about him like they're describing a new type of Ebola.

Granted, McCain is a steaming dog pile, but compared to that rubber-lipped chimp he's a saint. It's a sorry state for this country to be in when the two best candidates we have for President are a snob nigger and a power mad career criminal. Ain't America great?

Americans are fast getting fed up, and the status quo is about to become the status past if something doesn't change, and soon. Americans have reached the end of their collective rope. I've wondered a long time if it would ever happen, because whites have bent over and taken it now for over five decades without doing squat about it.

But I think Obama is the last straw. He's just too big of a piece of dung for America to swallow. The liberals have rigged the election, and you can bet your ass Obama will "win" the election. And when he does the government will fold in on itself like a house of cards in a wind storm.

Revolt is coming. The only question left is how it will start...


Anonymous said...

Win or lose for Obama-mia, "it" will star the day after the election, with riots in the 'hoods. They will either go nuts from grabbing the brass reparations ring, or go nuts from having it snatched our of their grubby little paws.


Jean Paul Marat said...

I heard the other day that gun sales have gone up because people are anticipating the coming election. No matter who wins, we're in for some violent times. Remember how they acted after the Rodney King trial? Think about that on a national scale--if Obama loses. If he wins, no white person worth his or her salt will retain any loyalty to this government. That is the last straw.

brian boru said...

Unfortunately, I think that the situation will have to get much worse before white men start to use their guns.
The kikes are putting this ape in the White House as another way to spit on white America. It isn't enough for hymie to kill the whites, they must also destroy their souls. The ape and his fleabag are being put there to defile it. Another piece of white civilization with a monkey in a key post.
You can be sure that ZOG is trying to plan for ways to deal with the eventual reaction when it finally does come. Many white men thirty years ago thought that things had gone too far and surely there would be a reaction. How wrong they were! What would they have thought if they could have foreseen the America of 2008?
So the situation has to decline a ways yet. I think that monkeyman might get us there.