Friday, July 11, 2008

It Is Time For The White Man To Change

Finally, we will inevitably hear the last quavering objections of the Nervous Nellies who wail and bleat, "But it's the LAAAAAW! We can't break the precious, wonderful, sacred LAAAAAW of AMURRRRRICA!"

Well, they're quite right. If elected, as it probably will be, Obama would be the law. Tyrants always are. That's what distinguishes tyrants from ordinary gangsters. Stalin was the law in Russia, too. Integration is the law. Affirmative action is the law. Quotas in university admissions are the law. Every April 15th the law robs you of one-third of what you earn all year. Drugs and black crime and the Third World hordes swarming over the borders are ignored by the law. Any little light bulbs coming on over your head yet?

The law is a weapon, and like any other weapon, it is only as good or as bad as the people wielding it. Right now the law is in the hands of the present United States government and the liberal establishment, one of many such weapons. It is being used to pillage you, disrupt and break up your family, rob your children of a future, and will eventually destroy you in your old age. The law in its present state deserves no respect from any White man or woman in America. Indeed, obedience and respect for the law have become counter-survival, and, human nature being what it is, anything which is counter-survival will not endure.

Adolf Hitler himself stated in Mein Kampf: "When a people is being driven to destruction through the instrument of governmental authority, then rebellion is not only the right, but the duty of that people." This point is so obvious that I really can't make it any more clear; if you honestly don't understand this, then you should not be in the Movement at all.

Finally, there is the moral dimension to be considered. Looking for easy outs and safe shortcuts is not only futile, it is wrong. Before we can have a new White world, we must earn it. That's the way life works.

Like all persecuted minorities, White males are despised. We are despised by the government, by the liberal establishment, by the congoid criminals who rob and rape and kill our people, by the media, and to a large degree we are despised by our own children. We are despised because we are correctly viewed as weak, cowardly, lazy, incapable and unwilling to defend ourselves or take any serious action against those who despoil and victimize us, other than to go whining to the enemy's police and the enemy's courts. Why in the name of God should anyone respect us? Why should we respect ourselves?

It's time White men recovered our self-respect and the respect of those who hate us. And it is a long standing human truth that respect among men is earned by the shedding of blood.


Anonymous said...

But will the White man ever have ears to hear your message, Harold?

brian boru said...

If he needs someone to tell him then he is hopeless. You don't need HC or anyone else to tell you this message. It is obvious and what needs to be done is obvious. The system has to go and we have to make it go. No other way. Most of us obey these laws because of the pain the system will inflict on us if we don't. If you obey them because you have respect for these laws then you are almost beyond help. We need to start breaking these laws, first in small ways, but then in bigger ways until the brutality of ZOG forces us to decide to pick up our guns or knives or whatever and use them.

Irish_Mob said...

How in the hell do White people spread the message and counter the anti-White Marxism placed on our youth's minds in academia? For one, I personally believe this is where the destruction of White confidence and society all starts.

How are we supposed to encourage our children to post flyers and spread the Movement's ideas when the fed is able to track down the individual's computer via the flyers and papers? I mean, this will lead to the end of our childrens' future of receiving an education and trap them in a life of economic serfdom.

What American Whites need, in my opinion, is a Mafia. We need a professional organization working in our favor to take disciplinary action against those which are set out to destroy us. Just look at the ethnic cohesiveness of the Italian and Greek communities in places like New Jersey. That should be the goal for all White people!

Anonymous said...

This is the difference between HAC and complete frauds like David Duke and Bill Weiss/"White". HAC will at least SPEAK of the correct solution out loud.

Anonymous said...

I pray to God every day to restore to our people the courage to kill our enemnies.

Anonymous said...

You know, it wouldn't be all that hard to stop Obama. Just one man needs to think of others instead of his own fear.

Anonymous said...

Do you guys truly think stopping Obama is the answer to anything? Even if his presidency is half as bad as you think it's going to be, so much for the better for WN and the Northwest Initiative. Let the house of cards come tumbling down as quickly as possible, because the slow death of "system still working, sort of" is what's bringing us to the point of extinction.

Anonymous said...

Once times become hard again, the problem will solve itself. People didn't become 'cowardly' in three or four generations, they became soft when circumstances permitted it. It happened to the Romans, it happened to the post WWII Germans, and we've seen it happen in Ireland in the last twenty years.

I'd like one of you romantics to give me an example of an affluent society that remained tough and focused for even five generations.

Anonymous said...

By the way, I stand by my remark regarding post WW II Germans. They remained tough and resourceful after the war, despite the Allies murdering a million of their best men. They rebuilt their country into an economic powerhouse, and didn't start turning into handwringing slugs until the 1970s, just about the time the WWI and WWII generations started to pass from the scene.