Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Attitude Has Been Noted

"Your attitude has been noted, you know. Oh yes, it's been noted!" - Dr. Zhivago

There was a joke going the rounds back in the Cold War days. An American and a Russian were arguing about the respective merits of their countries' systems of government. "In the USA, we have freedom of speech," said the American.

"But in the Soviet Union we have freedom of speech as well!" insisted the Russian.

The American countered, "Yes, but in America, we have freedom after the speech!"

"Aahhhh....." said the Russian.

No more, unfortunately. Congratulations are in order to Your Friend and Humble Narrator. I got my first Knock On The Door in a long time earlier today, so I am now an official Dissident Writer. Can't be a proper dissident without an occasional Knock On The Door. If you don't get any, it shows you're not doing your job.

Of course, this is America, and the whole idea behind America was at one time, in theory at least, that there would be no Knocks On The Door. Now let me tell you the one about the Three Bears.

The rationale behind my Northwest novels, and this blog as well, was that the morally denatured pond scum who rule us aren't quite ready to arrest people who write books the government doesn't like, and who discuss in public subjects the government does not wish to be discussed, such as the Death Of The King. Suppressing and silencing a writer because the state finds his writing uncomfortable and annoying would open too many cans of worms--I hoped.

But it may turn out that I was in error on that. These people have gotten away with so much over the past eight years, including warrantless wiretapping and surveillance, warrantless covert entry, secret prisons overseas and legalized torture, and they have met so little in the way of opposition, that they may have decided to push the envelope a little further.

I don't see what I could possibly be charged with, although I'm sure a creative US Attorney (one of those who wasn't fired by Alberto Gonzales) could think of something bizarre and outre. Jug-Ears and his little Jewish friends have twisted and bent the law like a pretzel, until it has taken on weird and demented forms. It's even possible that I could end up taking an all expenses paid vacation to sunny Guantanamo Bay. They have to ratchet it up another notch and try that shit on native-born White Americans sometime, after all, if indeed they're not doing it already. (They may be doing so. How would we know if they were? All we would know would be that certain people have disappeared, and I can think of two of my acquaintances at least who fit that bill, including my former publisher Donald O'Shields.)

Most likely, though, they'll just complain to Google, and since Google already has a track record of "disappearing" anti-Obama blogs, you may click on Tyrannicide one day soon and get "Page cannot be displayed" or that weird page of Bible rubbish that was coming up for a day a while back.

Please note my two e-mail addresses: and and try to contact me if this blog vanishes. I'll tell you where it's been moved to.



Anonymous said...

You think this bears any relation to the Yahoo news item on their home page, wherein the SS demanded $9.5 million more to protect "candidates?" Since McCain already looks and acts dead, I think they mean only one candidate in particular, don't you?


Ray Marsden said...

Jesus Christ, as you following Drudge? Looks like that revolting nigger Obama is the Second Coming of Christ. I think Matt Drudge must be a faggot who wants to suck Obama's dick, the way he's bowing down to the coon.