Saturday, July 19, 2008

Obama Go O-booma?

BO is supposed to be including Israel in his pre-coronation victory lap of the world to let everybody bask in his baby-shit brown glow. (A victory lap wherein he very pointedly left the gorilla-faced Michelle and her bodily vermin behind.)

I rather doubt that the hebes would want the embarrassment of him going splat and ending up looking like a pile of dog doo on some sidewalk in Jerusalem, so they'll probably guard him closely, but hey, some Palestinian dude who doesn't know about Hussein's Manchurian Candidate status might get lucky. Won't be the first time the left hand hasn't known what the right hand is doing over there.

And remember, Arabs are brave, unlike chickenshit American White males. They'll actually do things.


Anonymous said...

Great point, HAC!


Anonymous said...

We should be so lucky.

Anonymous said...

The Arabs probably see him as one of their own at this point, and until he tips his hand, IF he tips his hand, as just another lackey of ZOG, the Arabs will likewise be blinded by visions of "change" and "hope", and won't be wanting to make a "Sirhan statement", as it were, at this time.

Team_Euro said...

Any of you remember Yitzak Rabbin's assassination by an Israeli militant named Yuri Amir? Any time the Zionists feel violated or threatened, what tends to follow? Trust me on this one, the Israelis are scared shit-less of an Obama presidency.

Anonymous said...

Oh, God, no, if that vile monkoid gets killed in Jerusalem we can look forward to a century of blasphemous comparison with the Crucifixion.

Keith Frost said...

This would be the perfect time for the Jews to have the nigger killed by way of deception. A "terrorist" attack would benefit the Jews just as 9/11 did.

Anonymous said...

"Oh, God, no, if that vile monkoid gets killed in Jerusalem we can look forward to a century of blasphemous comparison with the Crucifixion."

Not to mention comparisons with the start of WW I.


Anonymous said...

Well, if the Israelis were truly 'scared shitless' by Obama, I doubt he would have been allowed to get this far by the American media.

If what you say is true, the only reason they've let it go this far is that they plan for a truly big "explode in your face" situation right before the election that will whisk McCain, their verified lackey, into the Oval Office.

Said "explode" episode could range from discovery of Michelle's "whitey" tape to some link that implicates him in the murder of those former gay lovers.

Methinks more along the lines of the latter, because Americanus Sheeplicus is such a dolt that Michelle's hate whitey attitude might not be enough to knock sufficient numbers off the bandwagon.

I mean, who doesn't ALREADY KNOW how Michelle feels about whitey?

Anonymous said...

You are confusing people Harold, McCain is the "Manchurian Candidate", pow captured and brainwashed by those durn commies to do their will. BO is just a coon, rent out the old 50's flick,

Mike Petersen