Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Idiots Among Us

Congressman Jerry Lewis called me this morning, inviting me to join a town hall meeting he was hosting in my area over a conference call. When I joined in, I was astonished and disgusted and the sheer stupidity of the majority of the people voicing their opinions. Talk about brain-dead...

Many of them sucked up a ton of everyone's time with hmms and haws, and uums, etc., or stuttering, or talking about totally irrelevant crap. Many of them deliberately dragged out their time on the phone, simply because they loved to hear themselves talk.You think I'm kidding? I'm not. And even when they finally did get around to their point, it was almost always some ridiculous, childish complaint that had absolutely no basis in reality.

They embarrassed me and also the Congressman as well. It got so bad that I had to hang up.

I just couldn't take anymore of their idiocy. Repeatedly though, Lewis answered questions by saying that his hands were tied because Congress was now controlled by the liberals, whose agenda was completely the opposite of his and most of the country. And we all know the reason the liberals are in power, it's because of idiots just like the morons I listened to this morning.

And these are the supposedly smart ones of the pack...

The populations in the areas that elect liberal politicians are a majority of black and Hispanic. This is because they are the breeders. And the more there are of these parasites, the more liberals are voted into office. It's simple math. And as any fool with the intelligence of a turnip knows, the dark races are pretty damned stupid.

Uneducated, undisciplined, immoral, selfish, greedy, dishonest, and with an IQ bordering on retarded, these vast unwashed masses are allowed to vote our leaders into office. What's wrong with this picture?

The liberals (Democrats) learned a long, long time ago the key to political success: court the mud races. For as long as these animals have the vote, they'll have the power to further their agenda to destroy our culture and race. These stupid semi-savages are too arrogant and stupid to realize that they're cutting their own throats by supporting these monsters. Oh, they'll find out in time. True. But by then it'll be too late. They'll all be either dead, dying, or enslaved by the new liberal communist government. No more Welfare, Foodstamps, freebees or free rides. No more "ciboh raaahts" and no more protection for wetbacks. Just slave labor or death. That will be the ironic justice we'll see meted out to these lazy parasites in the end. A just end, true, but we'll suffer far more, because by then the damned liberals will have completed their agenda of destroying us.

This is not to say the conservatives are much better. They've swung to the extreme on the other end of the spectrum, favoring big business and the rich over the welfare of the working man every time. Like the liberals, they strongly believe in an elite class and do their damndest to keep the money out of the hands of those that could and would fix this country. For to do that would cut off the blood flow to these financial vampires.

There's only one cure for the mess we're in, and that's revolution. Congress and the Senate must be disbanded and all its members both past and present must be arrested, charged, and tried for high treason, then taken out and publicly shot as an example to all those remaining corporate and political parasites that survive, that in the future this type of rape of a country will cost them their lives. Evil only understands and respects one thing: force. And any fool that doesn't understand that is too stupid to hold any amount of authority.

This country was a great experiment in democracy for the masses. It worked, so long as only white men voted. Honor and intelligence. Both those necessary qualities are now missing in the average voter. Most couldn't tell you the capitol of their own state to save their life, or tell you what the issues are that they just voted for or against. The majority of them vote along party lines, regardless of the consequences or the abject evil of the candidate running for office. And those corrupt bastards know it. Don't ever think they don't.

McCain called us "ignorant peasants." He was right. Most shouldn't be allowed to vote for who's going to be the local dogcatcher, let alone leader of the free world. I use Obama as my prime example. The very fact that this chimp could become a senator, let alone a Presidential hopeful tells a disgusting truth about the American public. They're idiots.

Giving the vote to blacks, the uneducated, and the illiterate is like putting a gun in the hands of a baby. Sheer lunacy. The great experiment is over, and it failed. Democracy doesn't work.

We need to choose our leaders through a national selection process, where the best people for the job are found through background checks, psychological testing and honest intelligence tests. And there should be a caveat that no member of the elite class can hold any office. They have no clue as to the plight of the common man, having never lived anything but privilege, and have no business in power. Their agenda has always been and ever shall be, to make the rich richer at the expense of the People, whom they consider their personal cash cow. Take the Bush family and Pelosi as examples. No integrity whatsoever.

Let me drop this little bomb on you: last month, Jug-Ears tried hard to push through the senate a bill he created that would cut Medicare and Medicaid benefits for the disabled and elderly by 100 billion dollars! Well, it failed, fortunately. It was only shortly after the defeat of his bill that it was discovered that he was also asking congress for another huge chunk of money to support his war effort in Iraq. How much was he wanting? 100 billion dollars!!! No joke!! Pretty odd coincidence, eh? Yeah, right. And if you believe that, the check is in the

Jug figured he'd rob America's poor..again, as if they weren't already struggling, and use their money to fund his party's oil ambitions. Bastard..

Elitists are ruthless, evil people. Hell, they were raised that way. It's who they are. They don't know how else to think or behave and it's way too late to change them. The only thing we can do with them is remove them from power and make damn sure they never get back into power...ever.

So on one hand we have the vast unwashed masses, and on the other the corrupt elite. This is why we must take back our country and destroy the present system. A ruling party of carefully screened Americans must become our voting block, and the pool from which all our leaders are drawn from. Political clout and wealth should never be a criteria in gaining office, and stupidity must be weeded out like the cancer it is.

Our nation is headed for collapse. It's inevitable, thanks to the corrupt and incompetent that rule us. Afterwards it'll be up to us whether or not we want to go through this mess all over again or start with a clean slate. Sure, the old guard will fight tooth and nail to hold onto the very power they used to wreck our country, but they'll have to be dealt with in the harshest possible terms.

What exists now will pass, and we'll make damn sure it stays that way...

-The Lone Haranguer


Michael K. said...


I don't think people realize what kind of a danger we're in if Obama actually gets elected. You've tried to show people again and again with news stories on what is actually going on in other parts of the world, like England, but they still don't seem to understand. It is actually illegal to use the word "nigger" in England. You know this, but I was surprised when I found out.

Did you hear how in Canada they recently pressed charges against a man who simply wrote into the newspaper saying that gay marriage went against his Christian beliefs? Do people not understand that not only could that happen here, but it will happen here if that mulatto gets elected?

People keep asking, "when will the white man wake up?" Well, when will they wake up? God, it's so frustrating. I know I'm just preaching to the choir, but as I suspect with most people who hang around the message board, you're one of the only people I know who isn't afraid to talk openly about these things.

What are we so afraid of? How can we let ourselves be intimidated by a bunch of hippies and opportunistic journalists? They get up on the radio and on TV and rage against pedophiles (what a worthy opponent...) but they are spineless in reality. The way Michael Medved cow tows to the jews makes me sick. Don't they have any sense of pride? I suspect we all know the answer to that. But if we all just sit idly by, aren't we just as bad? We're like a husband who stands aside and lets his wife get raped because he's too chicken shit to intervene.

I guess I just had to get that off my chest. You're not alone in your frustration.


Bruce Langhorn said...

Harold, I still remain convinced that somehow, someday, something we don't yet understand will set off a spark and we will once again recover our courage. I admit it doesn't look good, but we've only been cowards for a couple of generations, and that's not long enough to permanently eradicate our racial character.

Dave said...

The question keeps getting asked, "When will the White Man wake up?" Well, there is enough data available to form a hypothesis:

He won't, or can't.

The new question is, how do we use that fact to our advantage?

Bruce Langhorn's post gives me something to hope for, but it is time we made plans that take into account that it may never happen (or happen too late to be of any use).

So, where do we go from here? I hate to turn this into a situation where you are cast as Fearless Leader, HAC, but you have lived in countries where you have seen "it" happen, and I haven't. But it's your blog, so perhaps a column on leaderless resistance is in order (always bearing in mind the difference between direct action and stupid, illegal acts).


Jean Paul Marat said...

Why do we keep waiting for a "spark." This "spark" never seems to come. Why not just act already?

The Old Man of the Mountain said...

Guys -

If you're going to re-post stuff by other authors, at least credit it. Better yet, just re-phrase whatever you want to say in your own words. As you may know, some of our "comrades" aren't exactly the most mentally and emotionally stable people in the world. A word to the wise, eh?