Friday, July 4, 2008

The United States of America No Longer Exists

By that I mean that the U. S. A. no longer exists in any form which would be recognizable to our grandfathers and to the generations before them. There is nothing left to save, and what is left should not be saved.

The federal government of the United States most certainly exists, more's the pity. But the nation itself, as envisioned by our Founding Fathers and even as envisioned by such eminent men as Theodore Roosevelt, Joseph Cannon, and William Jennings Bryan at the turn of the last century no longer exists. What we have now is a seething mass of racial and ethnic minorities, powerful special interest groups all grabbing and snarling and clawing for their share of the pie that the White man baked. Of these, the Jewish and Christian Zionists are the most powerful but by no means alone.

America consists of corrupt capitalism of the Enron variety presided over by a figurehead President of room temperature IQ. We are now a kind of ramshackle empire run from behind the scenes by a discreetly homosexual Anglo-Zionist ruling class. The dictates of this putrescent ruling elite are enforced by a judiciary that is venal, lawless and devoid of justice, running a court system which Edgar Steele has accurately categorized as completely broken.

Periodically this horror we call America goes berserk and wastes millions of dollars dropping bombs on empty caves and village wedding parties in some far off corner of the world so unfortunate enough to possess petroleum. Third World peoples have no right to be here, but they do have the right to live their lives in their own lands without that moron in the White House dropping explosives on them. We are their superiors, but we are not their owners. For us to go into their countries and steal their oil out of our own insatiable greed is simply evil.

The United States of America is diseased, completely rotten and hollow at the core. The whole concept of "America" no longer has any validity. Any attempt to "save America" is not only doomed to failure, it is immoral. America must not be saved, it must be brought down in shattered ruins, destroyed utterly for the good of all humanity.

The death of America has become absolutely essential to the preservation of all civilization, not the least our own. This hideous machine must be stripped down to its component parts, as completely as possible, and rebuilt from the ground up.

If that means a land of multiple countries, such as exist on every other continent on earth, then so be it. Nowhere is it written in some kind of immortal psychic granite that the North American continent must be forever united. Fragmentation into at least six or seven separate countries would be good for our souls and teach us a little goddamned humility. If the White portions of that new smorgasbord of nations are tough enough and able enough to reconquer Aztlan and New Booga Booga by force of arms and expel the mud people, the way our ancestors originally took it from the Indians, then great. If we're not strong enough to take it all back then we don't deserve it. But we at least deserve a chance.

In order to get that chance, to accomplish this rebuilding, the White gene pool must be revitalized and replenished. It is vital that there be as large a number of people as possible of Aryan racial descent somewhere on the continent, people who have been raised for at least two generations, better yet three, in a sane and stable and racially healthy environment, free of the cultural pollution and moral poison of diversity. We must re-invent and re-create the White man of old, and that cannot be done from within the belly of the Beast. We must separate for at least a few generations.

Put as crudely as possible, White people are like the wolf, hunted to the verge of extinction, and we must create a protected habitat where we may breed young free of the fear of the hunter. Like the wolf, the White man must have a chance to breed our numbers back up on the North American continent.

It didn't have to be that way. We shouldn't have wasted all that time during the 1950s and 1960s. We should have taken up arms again after Little Rock. We should driven the false "leaders" of those times from our midst like lepers and followed George Lincoln Rockwell. There should have been a White man's I. R. A. in this country by 1965 at the latest. By 1994, the last remnants of the old American military establishment should have staged a coup and stood Bill and Hillary Clinton up against a wall like the Ceausescus in Romania rather than tolerate the degradation of allowing those creatures in the White House.

But we did none of those things, and now America is gone. Gone forever. We threw it away. In our hearts we know our guilt, but many of us will never, ever be able to come to grips with the contemptible, cowardly, infamous thing we have done. So some of us will wrap ourselves in the red, white and blue Masonic dishrag of this present government, a flag that long ago lost every pure and decent meaning. They will cavil and whine and carp and nit-pick and nay-say against the Northwest Homeland, the only idea that can save future generations from the sins of our generation.

To admit the validity of the Northwest is to admit our own shame, our own disgraceful failure to save our country, because we were so weak and so afraid.


brian boru said...

I think that the US will not exist forty years from now. There are too many internal contradictions and the original unifying forces are weakening by the day. As you say, the health of the world depends on the collapse of this monstrous entity. It is awe inspiring, although not surprising, how openly evil America has become now that the jew has total control. Their Bolshevik system in Russia was the same. It would be a good thing if there were no more empires in the world. The jews like empires: Roman, British, Soviet, American. It is a system the parasite can thrive in because it is polyglot and not grounded on race.
Your idea for a Northwest homeland is laudable but I think that it is going to be a far more painful process than you imagine.
Not many whites today remember Bob Matthews. The white men who do will note that his sacrifice has so far been in vain. It takes a special kind of man to stand up to ZOG knowing that he is probably going to be on his own. ZOG will be eager to quickly crush any such individuals as an example so that the idea of resistance doesn't spread. However, sooner or later, as conditions for white people become more intolerable, some men will stand up. Whether they succeed or not remains to be seen. Remember, the monstrous Soviet system collapsed without revolution. There was no successful resistance to that entity from within. No more ruthless and merciless people exist in the world than the jews in power. They know what they have done and what lies in store for them if they are overthrown.

Eric Cartman said...

The entire "America" concept is flawed to begin with. America should have been restricted to White people like Israel is restricted to Jews.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have to agree with you, Harold.