Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who Is Running The Funky Monkey? Part #1

It's an interesting intellectual exercise to try and figure out just who the hell is actually behind Barack Obama. Maybe if we can figure out who's running him we could figure out what it would take to get rid of him.

First off, BO doesn't have the intelligence to run a campaign like this. Despite his White blood, he's actually pretty dumb. He inherited his skin from his slut mother but not her brains, what brains she had that weren't burned out on smack. If you've ever listened to this nig-nog try and speak off the cuff, without his Jewish speech writers, he just sort of maunders vaguely about nothing in particular, while all the pundits subsequently fall down swooning in adoration about how brilliant he is, and patch him up with sound bytes and creative editing so he doesn't sound like a cretin. But he's been running for President for over a year now, and he hasn't actually said anything.

What he did say back in January, he is now busily flip-flopping on like a fish out of water. Remember BO's promise to pull out of Iraq right away, and his promise to make do with public funding instead of private donations? Boy, didn't they go the way of the passenger pigeon and the Great Auk in a hurry? Now Hussein's lips are glued to every Jewish buttock he can find, he's swearing to nuke Iran, and he just promised the American puppet ruler in Afghanistan a perpetual lifeline to make sure he doesn't end up swinging from a lamp post like his Soviet-appointed predecessor.

Hussein's handlers and campaign strategists are all Jews, of course, but you can't read anything into that. All political campaigns are run by Jews and all politicians have a little hose-nose in an expensive suit standing behind them and whispering in their ear. That's just situation normal. I shriek with laughter when I hear these dumb-ass niggers talking about "the O-man"; some kike is writing the O-man's speeches and the O-man is allowing his whole campaign to be run by the very people who brought blacks here in slavery in the first place, the Jews. (See Louis Farrakhan if you coons won't believe me, which I don't give a damn if you do or not.) Where was I?

Okay, back to the O-man. What you need to do when you want to figure out what's going on in this society is to follow the money trail.

Where the hell is this bush ape getting all these shekels? $52 million in June alone and we're expected to believe that all of that came from Little Miss Clueless in the San Fernando Valley making two-figure donations on her Daddy's credit card and Aunt Jemima in Alabama kicking in her big jar of pennies she saved from her welfare check for years? Oh, come on, now!

Who has that kind of money to throw around? Certain robe-wearing fat men from a certain desert region of the world with a lot of metal things sticking up out of the ground, is who.

I am still of the opinion that Obama was groomed to take down Hillary Clinton as early as 2002--but that money factor puzzles me. I just can't see dissident Democrats coming up with all that kale, no matter how much they despise the Sea Hag. At some point along the line, the oil sheikhs got involved. Why?

There may well be something to this "secret Muslim Manchurian candidate" after all.


Jim Passmore said...

Hi, Harold,

You know, the whole world doesn't have to be a Jewish conspiracy. Other people DO conspire, you know. I think this Barack Obama madness is just what it appears to be: he's a secret Muslim and a white-hating nigger and the Arabs and their oil wealth are behind him. That's bad enough, God knows. Why need it be any more complicated than that?


Anonymous said...

The oil-rich Arab states may have decided to go ahead and buy themselves a President and stop all this invading and bombing crap from the tub-thumping evangelicals.

Anonymous said...

The Kennedies are still pretty rich. I think it wouldn't be just Democrats who would be willing to kick into a kitty to keep Hillary out of the White House.

Team_Euro said...

Hmmm, interesting! We have the Saudi royalty-backed candidate in Obama running against the continuation of the Zionist-backed candidate in McCain. Looks like Pat Buchanan retains his title as the last and only candidate in the US who happens to represent Whites. This old timer looks better and better every time!

brian boru said...

I don't believe that anyone gets into power in the US anymore without the say so of the kikes. That may change soon though as the dollar approaches its intrinsic value in the minds of the masses. There is a financial tsunami rolling our way and when it hits the world will be turned upside down. The kikes are largely responsible for it and they may not be able to wriggle out of that responsibility. The US empire will collapse and the kike parasite that has lived on it will have to find a new host. The uber kikes, with their bolt holes in Argentina and Tasmania, will certainly pull through just fine. The question is will they continue to have the world wide power they enjoy at present.
I think that the kike puppet masters just enjoy parading this monkey in front of the masses to continue the illusion that they think they can elect a man of the people. The kikes don't care what people like those on this blog think.
I am sure that there are other conspiracies in the world that don't include the yid, and I am not claiming that the chosen are infallible. It's just that their control of the political process in the US has been almost total for the last generation. It's hard to believe that they would permit some outsider not under their control to get his hands on power that might be used against them. Kennedy tried it and they swatted him like a fly. The nigger may not be that smart but he knows who is pulling the levers behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, all that money looks funny to me too. That kind of moola doesn't grow on trees.

Karl Zimmer said...

You know if any white Republican or conservative had reaised that kind of money with no explanation of where it came from, the media would be all over him like ugly on an ape. Obama IS an ugly ape and he's teflon. Nothing sticks to him.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you. I read the Israeli and neocon press like David Horowitz's Front Page on line, and the Jews definitely don't trust Obama. I think he actually scares them a little because THEY want to know how a Chicago street nigger got all that money. Sometimes, like Freud said, a cigar is just a cigar, and sometimes what looks like a high yellow secret Muslim Manchurian Candidate is just that, a high-yellow secret Muslim Manchurian Candidate. Thew Muslimns just haven't gotten the hang of this conspiracy thing, this is their first dabble in American politics, and so they are a little too obvious about it.

John K. said...

The way these media people bow and scrape to Obama makes me sick. I think Maureen Dowd wants to suck his dick.