Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Getting Back to Basics

I'm starting to get some complaints from disgruntled readers that this is turning into just another anti-Obama blog, and I have to admit, they've got a point. This democracy dog and pony show is very seductive--it's meant to be--and it's entirely too easy to fall in with the stupid and historically false notion that any of this crap means something. It doesn't.

Burn this into your brain: Elections are meaningless when there is no real choice and there is no real change on offer.

I'll try to start moving us away from the disease of moderation. We've been "moderate" for generations now, and we see in the collapse of our financial system what it's all been heading toward all these years.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Harold, don't get me wrong, most of these posts are pretty interesting to read, but you do seem to be losing your edge kind of.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps more relevant, why do we care who the amurricans elect, we are citizens of the NW Republic.

And no, I am not deluded, we are a long way away from even trying to create such a place. But we need to start thinking along those terms, as in "which choice is better for the NW Republic" in making decisions, having the mindset that the usa is them, not "us", distancing ourselves from the amurricans in every way possible, etc.

Having the mindset on the instinctual level that we are not "them" is the first step in attaining our goal.

My two cents,

Mike Petersen

Anonymous said...

Of course, there is empirical evidence supporting that there are *a few* real differences amongst mainstream politicians in the various ways that they impact the real world. My hypothesis is that this does represent real variation in opinion that has been harnessed by the Jews so that no matter which mainstream party wins a given office, the Jews at least get the bare minimum in all areas that they're concerned with. In other words, when Democrats win, the Jews get the basic meat and potatoes when it comes to foreign policy, and they get that plus dessert for domestic issues, and when Republicans win, the Jews get the basic meat and potatoes with domestic issues, and they get that plus dessert for foreign policy. Either way, the Jews get the bare minimum for both areas, and furthermore, allowing some genuine variation serves their purposes because it effectively camouflages the conspiratorial nature of their power. So if Potato Head wins, his foreign policy will suck a little bit more than the Funky Monkey's (though not by much), but we will have more time to buy legal guns, ammunition, and accessories. In light of that, Harold, you are justified for wanting the Funky Monkey to lose, as long as you keep the underlying sham nature of mainstream masonic imperial politics in mind.


Anonymous said...

the basics -


lot's of guys who agree with us:

Anonymous said...

Good post, Mike Petersen...