Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Birth Certificate That Won't Go Away

In one of the most bizarre turns of this election season, lawyer and Democrat Philip J. Berg has filed a lawsuit questioning Obama’s U.S. citizenship. Two issues are at question here:

1. Was Obama born in Kenya or Hawaii? Obama’s own grandmother in Kenya insists he was born in Kenya.

2. Regardless whether Obama was born in Hawaii or not, was Obama adopted by his Indonesian stepfather and did he thus lose his American citizenship in Indonesia as a child?

If Obama had Indonesian citizenship, he would have needed to go through the immigration and naturalization process to return to America as a citizen. If he has not done this legally, he could technically be an “illegal alien” and be deported. Either way, Obama would be disqualified to be POTUS because he would not be a “natural born citizen.”

Yesterday, a highly charged piece of news came out that Michelle Obama herself allegedly called API (African Press International) and spilled the beans to them in an angry rant that Obama was adopted by his stepfather. (We don’t have verification about this call, though it is rumored that someone has a recording of it.)

Today another lawsuit was announced this time in Seattle, WA, where Steven Marquis “filed suit in Washington State Superior Court against Secretary of State Sam Reed demanding verification of Barack Obama’s citizenship status.”

Here’s my take on all this.

I have to say, when I initially saw questions about Obama’s citizenship floating around the net, I was skeptical. I did not understand all this hoo-ha over what was alleged to be a fake birth certificate.

Now I am truly wondering whether Obama is trying to hide something. Why hasn’t he just handed over his documents to the court? Why was a motion to dismiss filed? Why is his legal team trying to do everything possible to stall this investigation? That to me is more proof of guilt than anything else.

Some have questioned Berg’s credibility, noting that he had filed a lawsuit charging that G.W. Bush had prior knowledge of 9/11. How is this a bad thing? I think that probably shows that Berg is not a Republican mole.

I am not holding my breath for something to come out of this - but I pray that if this does have legs, this will come out before the election. The court needs to stop dragging its knuckles on this one. If Obama is indeed ineligible, but he is elected before this comes out, we will have a civil war on our hands.

A petition to ask the court to demand that Obama produce the proper documents is available here.

-Cindy Lou Who

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Obama is black. Blacks don't have to obey the law like other people. Don't you know that?