Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Sarah Palin Kicked Biden's Ass!"

[Sorry about lapsing into the dog and pony show of democracy again, but I found this interesting. Hussein still just can't seem to close the sale among White women, despite the fawning and adoring sluts male and female of the media.]

I’ll admit - what with all the difficult interviews lately (edited to make her look bad), I was really worried that Sarah Palin would make a big mistake in the debate and the media would destroy her afterwards. About 15 minutes into the debate, I relaxed and saw that she was not only holding her own, but starting to dominate. She was clear, she was articulate, and she was personable.

Joe Biden certainly has a handle on certain facts and figures, but his delivery left a lot to be desired. I found my mind wandering when he spoke. He was difficult to follow in that he did not modulate or vary the tone of his words for emphasis. Biden’s meandering monotone was flat and boring compared to Palin’s lively, direct, folksy speech.

Palin had many memorable moments, such as when she said “never again” in regards to Americans not being taken advantage of by financial fraudsters, and when she said “Say it ain’t so, Joe” as she called Biden out for harping on the Bush administration.

Biden seemed to lose his professionalism when Palin spoke. He would often smile uncontrollably or make strange faces. It was a bit bizarre.

Most of the polls I’ve seen on the debate peg Palin as the clear winner. The group of independents interviewed after the debate on Fox also voted her the winner almost unanimously.

For those who underestimated Palin, all I can say is, you may have just seen the first national debate of the future first female president. (Assuming Hillary doesn’t run again, of course.)


Anonymous said...

"For those who underestimated Palin, all I can say is, you may have just seen the first national debate of the future first female president. (Assuming Hillary doesn’t run again, of course.)"

And assuming that Obama doesn't abolish the government and declare himself dictator.

Dave 01042008/1042

Anonymous said...

I actually watched one of the coon's speeches last night. His baby-shit brown head seems to be completely empty.

Jamesdomus1861 said...

They're BOTH evil, Harold. Neither deserves to be talked about except to berate and correct their subjective logic (their lies).

Obama, McCain, Palin, Biden, Republicrats, Demicans, they're all the same.

The media is doing what they're told to do because they're all worthless, spineless jackasses without a lick of conscience. There is a specific way they are told to do things, and usually the Republicans are the target of media barbs.

You see how well that works, right? Each side wins at about a 50/50 rate, so they all can slop at the great trough of American taxpayers.

Anonymous said...


If Hussein gets 'selected' it will be the first time the U.S.has had a president with skin the color of shit.Sort of good symbolism since the country went to shit long ago.

Anonymous said...

you have just seen the next female
President she is not like any of the others. she doesn't take anybody's crap no matter what party they are with that is what we need in this country and i love this counrty that my Father fought for in WWII and i will never give up on it,
there is nothing like it anywhere even with all the problems we have.
that is why everbody hates us because it is the best piece of land anywhere on earth.