Monday, September 29, 2008

HAC Infiltrates The White House

A friend of mine recommended that, as a way to get my moral batteries recharged, I rent and watch a show I'd heard about but never seen, The West Wing. I finally got around to this last week, and I have to admit, it definitely restored my passionate desire to strangle liberals with my bare hands. There is not a character on that show whom I don't want to grip my hands around their throats and squeeze and squeeze like iron until their eyeballs pop out of their heads and their tongues turn blue just before the dying turd male or female bites their own tongue in half in a convulsion. It's inspirational.

But what was even more fun is that I myself got a mention on this idiotic show, or at least the newsletter I was editing in 1999 when the first season was made. It was during a scene where the Secret Service is sitting around anticipating an attack by us wicked evil "white supremists" (that term is meaningless, but government thugs don't speak English very well. Oh, and they got the 14 Words wrong.) This alleged assassination plot is supposedly brewing because the President (Martin Sheen) has a teenaged daughter who is whoring herself out to a nigger in public. Well, it seems my contribution towards proactive solutions was recognized as early as 1999. I'm honored, kikes.

The first season of The West Wing closes on a note of science fiction, when three Skinhead kids pop a few rounds at de Prez, his slut daughter, her beast of pleasure, and his raft of Jewish advisors outside some ridiculous liberal dog and pony show. I say science fiction because it's pretty clear that White America can't find even one person with sufficient testicular follication to do anything about the Funky Monkey and his Pri-Mate, much less three. I have often wished we were even a fraction as dedicated and conspiratorial and aggressive in real life as we are portrayed by these jackasses in Hollywood.

I am now debating as to whether or not to get the second season, just to see how it ends, as if I didn't know. [Sigh...] The good guys never win one in Hollywood any more. Do I really want to nauseate myself by watching whatever garbage these Jewish script writers come up with? Probably not. I'll say this much, though. I am really glad I included that scene in The Brigade where The Boys shoot the shit out of the Oscar ceremonies. Makes me feel I've struck back at the swine.

The West Wing is how liberals see themselves. It shows them wallowing in the power they have and even more, the power they wish they had to lord it over normal people. It's how they wanted Bill and Hillary Clinton's regime to be, instead of the cesspit of immorality, druggery, buggery and corrupt incompetence it really was. This series is worth seeing, on the whole. If you have any faint remnant of decency or honor or pride in your heritage as a real American, not a Hollywood comic book character, then watching The West Wing will instill in you the kind of quiet and simmering rage that will make you want to kill these people. It will let you understand very clearly why they deserve to die.

More straws floating down all the time on the back of a camel so strong and so stupid that you're sure the camel's back will never, ever break. But now that the Almighty Dollar itself is finally collapsing....?

What's going to happen when all of a sudden the regime can no longer pay its mercenaries to protect their pale and fragile asses from the consequences of their own behavior, and the paychecks for all those cops and Secret Service goons stop coming?

Watch The West Wing and focus and store your rage, your profound and righteous urge to get your fingers around those liberal throats. More may be possible than you think, sooner than you think.


Anonymous said...

I can't watch kosher TV Hal; you're a better man than I. I would just grind my teeth down to stubs. I know what's there, and don't need to kindle the rage.

The Old Man of the Mountain said...

I don't normally watch their shit either, except for occasional British mysteries on PBS and a few shows on Animal Planet and Discovery Channel once in a while. I rented The West Wing on DVD.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in your next book you can have President Chelsea Clinton succeeded by President Josiah Bartlett and describe that asshole being blown away, in delicious detail.

Anonymous said...

There is one scene in that first season of The West Wing that reveals the whole secret of liberalism. Alison Janney who plays the press secretary does something called "The Jackal" which involves lip-synchin to a nigger song. That's it. Liberals hate their own race so bad they want to be niggers.

brian boru said...

I stopped watching TV years ago. It just aggravates me too much. The arrogant assumption of the producers that only people with some psychological problem would not appreciate their filthy world view is what is particularly enraging. Just about any activity is better than absorbing the poison spewed out by the electric kike.