Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Embittered Women May Yet Do This Monkoid In

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The more I talk to PUMAs (online as well as in person), the more I find that lot of us are being cautious of not outright silent about telling the people around us who we are voting for. As many PUMAs have reported, I have lost friends this election season over my anti-Obama stance. The outright hatred and bigotry espoused about anything Republican has astonished me.

I am not a Republican, nor do I ever intend to become a Republican. I am voting against Obama because he stole the nomination from Hillary Clinton through caucus fraud. I know reasonable Obama supporters (believe it or not) who respect my decision to vote against Obama due to my strong feelings about voter disenfranchisement. Surprisingly, the Obama supporters who have flipped out on me are people I never thought were that political. You just never know who might ostracize you for having an anti-Obama stance, especially where I live, in California.

I often call California Obamaland, and here in the heart of Obamaland, I have heard stories of Obama pressures everywhere: People going to work where a life-sized Obama cut-out was put on display, with everyone posing and preening in front of it, or an office birthday party with the boss hijacking the celebration to bash Sarah Palin. I was in a class the other night where it was assumed everyone would be excited about Obama winning - I spoke up, by the way.

In this environment, I have heard many PUMAs are laying low and keeping their opinions to themselves. They are afraid of losing friends or worse, being fired.

I thankfully work for myself and so don’t worry about being fired; I’ve already lost some friends and realized that if they were really that politically bigoted and intolerant they weren’t good people to have in my life anyway. In fact, it was losing my friends that made me throw my hands up in the air and decide to speak up more against Obama. What did I have to lose? More hateful people? What the hell. I’ll just go down in a blaze of PUMA glory.

But I understand those PUMAs who don’t want to rock the boat and try to keep the peace with their Obama co-workers and friends. It is a really tough environment to be in, especially if you are in a place like Los Angeles. You feel like an alien on your own planet.

The upshot of this is, however, that I suspect there are more PUMAs out there than people realize. We get our support online through places like No Quarter. We may talk quietly to a few close friends but dodge the question of who we are voting for in public. Some, I have heard, outright lie and say they are voting for Obama just to shut their friends up; some quibble and say they are voting Nader to assuage their liberal friends.

This behavior has extended to polling. With stories circulating on the net of people being harassed by rogue pollsters for stating a McCain position, some PUMAs are either hanging up the phone when polled or saying they are undecided. One guy at No Quarter actually said he lied and said he’d vote for Obama, just to mess with the pollster.

Will this have an effect when all is said and done on November 4? Will McCain eke it out because people have been lying about their Obama support? We shall see.

In a fascinating article discussing conformity and how this might be in play this election season, the author writes:

"If your boss mocks McCain supporters, if all your co-workers express a desire to for Palin to be raped on national TV, if your family are all Obama volunteers, if the media tries to shame everybody into voting for Obama by stating implicitly and explicitly that only a racist would do otherwise, could you have the nerve to come out of the closet as a McCain voter?"

Maybe because I was always toeing the liberal line in past elections, I did not notice the conformity that was around me in the past. So now I am stunned at how much peer pressure there is here in urban California to be not just for Obama, but a Democrat. (And this actually started in the primaries, when I felt alone in a wave of anti-Hillary hatred burbling up among the leftists in the area as Obama’s star began to rise.) Now that I am on the other side, I am looking at some of my former friends in a new light, and seeing how horribly hateful, close-minded and angry they were all along.

No wonder people are being quiet or deceptive in this atmosphere.

The most chilling example of this was the Hillary supporter we met at the SoCal Sarah Palin rally, who was so afraid to be seen there that she could not tell us any identifiable personal information and was practically sprinting in the other direction if a camera turned her way.

Thus, while my evidence is quite anecdotal, I have seen and heard enough reports of closet PUMAs to feel that there is a much greater resistance to Obama than is portrayed in the mainstream media and polls. (And you have to wonder, with some polls giving Obama a 14% lead the same day other polls give him a 3-5% lead, something is seriously skewed - someone is lying, whether it’s the pollsters or the people being polled.)

How this plays out on election day remains to be seen. My concern, however, is that if McCain wins, as I believe he has a good chance of doing, the brainwashed Obamabots will be so blindsided that they’ll riot in the streets, thinking that somehow the election was stolen from them. Meanwhile, it was their own stubborn, evangelical, crazy cult-like behavior that kept them from hearing the differing opinions of the people around them, the anti-Obama sentiment that was there right under their noses all along.


Marie Tweed said...

Interesting that now Hillary's people are acknowledging Obamanoid fraud during the Democratic primary. So he would stop using fraud in the general election--why, exactly?

Anonymous said...

Today I passed a bunch of teenaged useful idiots standing on a local street corner, with homemade "Obama For Change" signs, trying to get peoples' attention as they drove by. It worked: I flipped them off and screamed "F*CK YOU!" at them. It was so much fun, I drove around the block and did it again.

Big boys' games, big boys rules.

I'd have gotten my own sign that said "USEFUL IDIOTS AHEAD, 500 FEET" and stood out there too, but I had too many errands to run.

Dave 10212008 / 1911

Anonymous said...

Why so we care who the Amurricans elect anyway, we are not kosher con-servatives, we are revolutionaries. If BO gets in, they will be even more incompetent, good for us,

Mike Petersen

Anonymous said...

There's no doubt in my mind that every major city across America will experience riots and anti-White violence similar to that we witnessed in the early '90s in L.A. after the Rodney King debacle. The real question is whether or not white people will resist and defend themselves this time, or will we lay down and allow these savages to torture and kill us on the streets again?

brian boru said...

Ain't democracy great?

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous responder in the 4th comment down, I don't see how he figures Whites "lay down". The cops refused to do anything, it was White Nationalists shooting niggers for sport, along with Asian shopkeepers defending their stores that stopped the rioting.

Mike Petersen

Anonymous said...

But will there be enoug pissed-off white women over Hillary being robbed to keep his stanky black ass out of the White House?