Friday, October 10, 2008

The Beginnings Of Negroid Tyranny

[Apparently now, "being rude" to one of Obama's sluts is some kind of Federal offense. There have been entirely too many incidents of this kind over the past few months, including my own visit from the droids, for this not to be a pattern of abuse of police power which indicates clearly that we are headed for Zimbabwe in more than the monetary inflation sense. - HAC]

On Wednesday, the 1st of October, I received a call on my cell while in the car with my husband. It was a woman who identified herself as calling from the Obama Campaign. The phone # she called from was 903-798-6020 which lists as "Obama Volunteers of Texarkana" (Texas).

She asked if I was an Obama supporter to which I replied:"No, I don't support him, your guy is a socialist who voted four times in the State Senate to let little babies die in hospital closets; I think you should find something better to do with your time." I hung up.

Thursday, October 2, I answered the front door to find the Secret Service. Immediately I thought of the call and was furious that apparently you are not allowed to call Obama a Socialist without the Secret Service coming to investigate. Instead, they asked me about the following comment, relayed by the Obama Volunteer of Texarkana who called me, unsolicited on my cell phone: "I will never support Obama and he will wind up dead on a hospital floor."

My husband laughed and told them "No, she called him a socialist but she never said a word about him dying." I gave them my actual quote. The woman asked insolently "Oh? Well why would she make that up?" I replied that I supposed she wasn't happy about what I said about her candidate and the Agent said "That's right, you were rude!" The last time I checked being rude wasn't a crime in America.

Luckily the big file they had gathered on me didn't indicate mental instability or a past life of stalking/crime. However they did want to know how I felt about Obama. That was my limit. I told the agent in no uncertain terms that my thoughts were not pertinent to their investigation, that this was America and the last time I checked I was allowed to think whatever I wanted without being questioned by the Secret Service.

In fact, even if I had said what she claimed, that isn't a threat. I told them (again) and my husband verified that the statement reported by Obama's volunteer was a lie. I asked them if there was a tape of the call and they said no. I said, "So on the word of a ticked off Obama supporter you are on my porch with no other evidence and you want to question me about my THOUGHTS!?" They informed me that there was no evidence she was an Obama supporter…someone calling from his campaign…are you kidding?

I was not allowed to know the name of my accuser at which point they informed me that it wasn't like I was in a court of law, yet, as if this was a good thing. I recognized this as a veiled threat. I told them I would happily go to court since I did nothing wrong and at least then my accuser would have to face me rather than sending the thought police to my house. They then said they were trying to do me a favor, that they came to me first before "embarrassing you by going to all your neighbors and family." Another threat. I told them to be my guest and talk to whomever they wanted but they weren't going to investigate my thoughts on my porch.

They also informed me that it would be easier if the next time a supporter calls me I just say "Yeah sure count me in, or just hang up" apparently so she won't get her undies in a bundle and give them more useless trips. Yeah right. I said "Look, someone calls me unsolicited on my cell phone to ask me to support their candidate and I can't tell them why I don't?" I said I was sorry they made a wasted trip but if they had a problem with some made up lie they needed to go talk to her about it because it wasn't my fault they had to drive from Houston for nothing.

At one point I went inside and got a notepad to record their badge numbers and they refused to show me their badges. They had done the quick flip when they arrived. I asked for a card and the female agent refused to give me one stating "You're not going to get a card." The male agent gave me a card and told me I could contact Houston with any questions.

The fact that the volunteer lied, the fact that the Secret Service came to my house to question me about my thoughts and feelings and threaten to embarrass me to my neighbors and go to court if I didn't cooperate is not really the tragedy here. Because that girl on the phone doesn't have the pull to send the Secret Service to my home. Someone high in the ranks of a campaign working for a man who may be the next President of the United States of America felt comfortable bringing the force of the federal government to bear on a private citizen on nothing but the word of a partisan volunteer.

I want to file a counter complaint that false charges were made, that a false report was given to a peace officer. The Secret Service told me I cannot because they will protect the identity of the complainant. I also want the file they have on me destroyed and I want to know that my phone isn't tapped, et cetera. I am hearing a lot of "out of my jurisdiction."

Jessica Hughes
Lufkin, Texas

Note: I have contacted several news organizations, Rep Gohmert, Sen Hutchison, the Atty General, Local Police"


The Old Man of the Mountain said...

Guys, could you pass around the URL for this blog and see if we can get some more readership? I know I said I'd get back on track and I keep wandering onto news commentary and whatnot, but BO is really startting to become unraveled as more and more Americans realize that there's something hinky going on in the Funky Monkey department. I do have some fairly important things to say and I will try to wrench myself back on topic soon, it's just that there is a weird fascination with this whole democracy train wreck which I have to admit, is hard to shake. It's designed like that, of course.


Anonymous said...

An Obama presidency would be a disaster without parallel in tne history of the United States. Any measures necessary to prevent such a catastrophe are morally justified.

brian boru said...

This individual seems surprised that ZOG would actually send someone to her door. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are just pieces of paper. Remember, the Soviet Union had a so-called constitution which supposedly guaranteed the rights of Soviet citizens too. Unfortunately, those people had no guns and the kikes slaughtered and enslaved them at will. The kikes are very keen to disarm white Americans because then they will be able to kill at will. In the meantime they are conditioning the white population to fear their goons and become suitably pliable. If they get your guns it's all over and it won't matter whether the nigger is in the White House or not.