Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I TOLD You Michelle Has Fleas!

CBS News' Dean Reynolds has made some rather sharp comments on the Funky Monkey and his entourage in the Reporter's Notebook, which is an odd combination of Obama-worship and complaints about everything from his sloppy and ill-coordinated campaign to the reek of smelly nigger on his jet aircraft.

Reynolds tells us "The Obama aides who deal with the national reporters on the campaign plane are often overwhelmed, overworked and un-informed about where, when, why or how the candidate is moving about. Baggage calls are preposterously early with the vague explanation that it's all for security reasons. If so, I would love to have someone from Obama's campaign explain why the entire press corps, the Secret Service, and the local police idled for two hours in a Miami hotel parking lot recently because there was nothing to do and nowhere to go. It was not an isolated case."

Reynolds has a few unkind words to say about Monkey Meat himself, which coming from an Establishment reporter who is supposed to be bending the knee to the Baby-Shit Brown Messiah, are tantamount to blasphemy: "McCain enjoys taking questions from the audience in town hall-style settings. That doesn't mean he is the master of that kind of forum, it just means he's good at it. He likes to converse with voters. Obama...seldom achieves that intangible bond with the people that all politicians crave -- or fake.

"The McCain folks are more helpful and generally friendly. The schedules are printed on actual books you can hold in your hand, read, and then plan accordingly. The press aides are more knowledgeable and useful to us in the news media. The events are designed with a better eye, and for the simple needs of the press corps. When he is available, John McCain is friendly and loquacious. Obama holds news conferences, but seldom banters with the reporters who've been following him for thousands of miles around the country. Go figure." (That's the difference between a campaign run by white men and a a cluster-fuck run by incompetent niggers, Dean.)

"The McCain campaign plane is better than Obama's, which is cramped, uncomfortable and smells terrible most of the time." (Any cage or enclosure where animals are kept usually smells.) "Somehow the McCain folks manage to keep their charter clean, even where the press is seated. " (White people have a habit of doing little things like that.)


Some Secret Service Guy said...

Dear Mr. Covington:

Please get back to talking about killing Obama. We're wasting budget on you and I am tired up sitting in front of your house in a cable van full of electronic gizmos eating crap from Carl's Junior and pissing in my feminist partner's Aquaina bottle.

Agent O'Malley

Anonymous said...

Speaking of CBS, I was watching their late show, "Up To The Minute". they ran a segment from an earlier broadcast of an interview between the Sock Monkey and Katie Couric. The way she was looking at him, I thought she was going to give him a BLOWJOB, cameras or not. What the fuck does ANY white person, and especially a white woman, SEE in this golem?!

Anonymous said...

i'm a white women and i think he is ugly, it must be a power thing

women power