Friday, October 3, 2008

Mabus Is Coming

[The legitimate voice for White working people you never hear in this "election."]

Few people in America realize the true danger that mulatto Obama represents to our race and nation, not to mention the rest of the world.

I have a very sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that every stupid female and teenager and mud in the country is going to vote for that abomination. This is a prime example of why I've always promoted IQ, educational, and psychological screening for all potential voters. Idiots should not be allowed to vote, especially concerning vital issues.

Our worst enemy is going to be our own stupid yuppies, who'll tip the balance in favor of a character who's race has already proven in spades that they can't be trusted with any amount of authority. Name me just one nigger that has handled his authority well. Just one. You can't. Every last one of them have become greedy, dangerous, and corrupt bucks. It's their nature. They can't help it anymore than a fox can help eating your chickens. It's what they do!

And if that nigger gets into the White House, all hell is going to break loose on our race, and especially all white resistance groups. That coon will immediately start passing laws that outlaw any form of white separatism, making it a hate crime for us to even talk to each other about muds. All white organizations will be banned, though federal money will start pouring in to all the nigger organizations and other mud groups.

Whites will become the nation's new niggers. Third-class citizens in the very country they built. All because they were cowards and fools. Ammo and gun sales will be banned, as well as new laws forcing every American to disarm under penalty of prison, or worse. And this is only the beginning. Illegals will be welcomed with open arms and the border fence project will be scrapped. Within five years the U.S. will be just as overrun with darkies as Briton. New, harsh laws will be implemented, forcing all of us to become little more than obedient slaves to our new black ruler.

And if any of you think that this nigger will ever allow anyone to replace him when his terms end, I've got a bridge for sale, cheap. No nigger anywhere in the world in history has ever relinquished such power, and they never will, especially not the presidency of this country.

The U.S. is going to have a liberal nigger dictator. And this stupid, evil chimp is going to eventually start World War III. Count on it. Like all niggers, he'll gladly sacrifice all of us to remain in power. Remember, this is a nigger!!

McCain? That stupid, stubborn old fool will lose because he wants amnesty for wetbacks and the American people despise him for it. And the old fool doesn't care. He's so stupid that he thinks we'll elect him anyway, when he needs every edge he can get. Trouble is, he's pissed off so many Americans these past twenty years that they'd rather vote for a nigger than another corrupt career politician offering more of the same old crap Bush has been pedaling, which is more billions for the oil companies and less for us.

Screw that. So that doesn't leave much to choose from, just as the Jews engineered it. We should vote for McCain whether we hate the old bastard or not, just to keep that evil coon out of office. But between McCain's stupidity and Obama's massive campaigning, I don't see any hope. Too many Americans are dumber than a day-old nigger about politics.

So now is the time to prepare folks. Buy your weapons now. Ammo now, armor now. Buy precious metals now. Then hide everything really, really well, and don't even tell your loved ones about it. History proves that it's almost always a family member that betrays a fighter. Remember that.. Sure, it's a bitter pill to swallow, but you'd better if you want to remain free. The next eight years are going to see the end of our way of life forever.

Be ready.

-The Lone Haranguer


Anonymous said...

Silver, man.. SILVER.


Anonymous said...

not this women
there some brainwashed women and college students that will vote for BO.
oh i forgot the brainwashed media

women power

Anonymous said...

We're going talk, talk, talk when we should be going shoot, shoot, shoot.

Anonymous said...

I hate to quote a Jew, but Nathaniel Weyl wrote a very interesting article one time, titled "Envy and Aristocide" It can be viewed here:

The first sentence basically says it all, (quoting) " . . . envy of non-achievers against creative minorities is the mainspring of modern revolutionary movements, that this envy is incited and exploited by alienated intellectuals, and that the result is aristocide--the murder of productive, gifted and high-achieving people--along with consequent genetic decline."

Given that White people ARE the world's creative minority now, it certainly applies to us. Ironically, a Jew winds up making OUR point, in reflecting upon what actually happens when they (the mongrel hordes) become envious of OUR achievements.