Monday, October 13, 2008

More Anti-Obama Sites Hacked

The following sites have mysteriously gone down in the past few days: - the website for the Philip Berg lawsuit challenging Obama's forged Hawaii birth certificate. (Apparently Monkey Meat was actually born in Kenya and is therefore not constitutionally eligible for the Presidency.)

Savage Politics - Rite-wing site. - Not familiar with this one personally, but I am told its author has no use at all for Monkey Meat.


Soldier4Hillary The girl who runs this claims she gets hacked and DOS'ed at least once a week


Anonymous said...

I hear that Montana has seriously declared independence from the Decandent States of America after the D.C. v. Heller case? This thing now has legitimate potential, HAC.

When citizens are threatened with the reality that they may not have a right to defend themselves, it almost always calls for independence.

Anonymous said...

The first two sites are up (or back up). The second two are down.

Dave 10142008 / 2005