Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Frankly, I Don't Believe A Damned Word Of It

The BATF claims to have discovered a "plot" on the part of a couple of teenaged skinheads to "kill 102 black people" (why 102?) and culminate this performance by cutting off Barack Obama's head. (One alleged skinhead is wearing lipstick and mascara in his news photo, and they were allegedly going to do all this decapitating wearing white tuxedos and top hats.) How convenient, as Obama's campaign begins to stumble, McCain begins to catch up even in the rigged polls, and the media finally, at the eleventh hour, begin investigating some of the things that "The One's" cult votaries are doing along the lines of intimidation, fraudulent voter registration, and campaign donation credit card fraud.

As to the "plot," it's bullshit. I don't believe a damned word of it. Remember, they already tried running one of these silly things up the flagpole during the Denver convention when it looked like Hillary was going to challenge "The One" on a floor vote and he needed a boost. You can always tell these little federal dog and pony shows because nothing is ever actually done. It's all just "conspiring," i.e. mostly drunken talk. Some federal informer got these kids drunk or stoned and talking shit, and voila! Instant assassination plot.


Dave Evans said...

Obviously two idiots who didn't bother to read your books.

Supposedly a gal named Danni Stafford drove them to one of the "would be" burglary sites, according to (from the affidavit - but nowhere in most of the news stories online).

April Gaede said...

What dumb asses. They should have been reading your books instead of playing stupid fantasy games.

Nicholas Tracy said...

No idea. But it seems they met online. Ok, I've met you online, and varied other comrades. But these guys met a month AGO! And they wanted to go in with White Tuxedo's and Top hats!? I'm one for humor but thats not real strategic. Not disrepecting them but i've never met them, and it's probably a good thing.

Rob Smith said...

I call B.S. on this one, smells like another obvious kosher psy-ops.

Oooo, look at the big, bad swastika tattooed on his arm - betcha it's the temporary press-on kind.

And they were gonna DECAPITATE blacks!! Yeah, that's believable.

Nigga please.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, a trip to Getty Images website for a couple of photos of "skinheads," an intern from a journalism school working at AP, and voila! An assassination conspiracy.

There are no 20 year old doofii (plural of doofus) anywhere that could pull it off.

Dave 10282008 / 1925