Monday, October 20, 2008

Why Won't We Read The Warning Signs?

The Obama campaign has already been caught out using intimidation, violence, fraud, and deception, including possibly as many as 1.3 million fraudulent voter registrations through ACORN alone, 200,000 in the electorally key state of Ohio. They have been exposed doing this, and then the story simply drops out of sight, off the media radar. Stories about Democratic corruption never grow legs with this media; let a Republican tap his toes in a men's room and they're all over it. I have no brief for Republicans, but their complaints about media bias are well justified.

At least some of the money flowing into his campaign from all those mysterious credit card donations has been traced, and found to be fraudulent, so whatever scheme the Goldfinger-esque George Soros or whoever is behind this porch monkey has worked up to launder millions of illegal dollars into Obama's campaign via credit cards seems to have a few bugs in it, or else somebody's simply using it to steal. This has been reported in the media and then poof! gone, like Houdini made off with the story.

What would an Obama government be like?

Do the names Idi Amin, Jean-Bedel Bokassa, Robert Mugabe, Mohammed Aidid, Fancisco Macias and Sekou Toure mean nothing at all to us? How about Marion Barry and Kwame Kilpatrick? Why, exactly, do we believe that black rule will work any differently here than elsewhere it has been tried?


brian boru said...

The white South Africans, who lived with niggers all the time and knew that they were primitive savages who would destroy all that they had created over the previous several centuries, still handed power over to them. Jew mind poison seems to work every time on our race. Still, you can't blame us completely. We have been sold out and conned by 'our' leaders from start to finish. It seems that we will only learn through great suffering, if at all.

Anonymous said...

Obama in the White House will cause state secession and the all-out collapse of the former "United" States of America. I wish everybody who comes across this post will look into the case of Heller v. D.C. and Montana's growing threat of independence. Personally, I'm actually looking forward to this nigger in the White House and the response from White America when he starts trying to stomp on our rights as a people. This may provide the leverage we need to declare legitimate regional independence and the all-out Balkanization of the "United" States of America.