Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Early Voting Indicates Polls Bogus, No "Big Obama Lead"

Be still my heart - California could possibly go to McCain! Early voting shows McCain and Obama neck and neck in California even though the “polls” have claimed Obama has an 18 point lead here.

I can only hope - but I’m not holding my breath. California does tend to vote blue in national elections. But there are some signs it may not this year. I live in California and I have been frankly surprised at the lack of signs out for Obama. On my street there are ZERO signs for either candidate. And no bumper stickers either. I haven’t seen one Obama OR McCain sign in my entire neighborhood this entire election. (And I live on the west side of Los Angeles, in the 310 area code, hardly Republican territory.)

There are Obama bumper stickers here and there, but nothing like the Kerry or Gore stickers of past elections.

The other thing that might swing California to McCain are the Latino and Asian voters. I noticed a lot of them at the Sarah Palin rally here recently. They will not have “white guilt” making them vote for Obama and were probably the people who put Hillary over the top here in the primaries.

Finally, there is the PUMA factor. While many Obama supporters poo-poo the PUMA factor by saying that some polls show that Democrats are largely supporting Obama, they forget the following: MANY PUMAS LEFT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AFTER THE “NOMINATION.” Then there are PUMAs like myself who are still registered Democrat but plan to vote for McCain. The heavy Democratic skew of the polls is certainly not taking into consideration my defection!

There are indicators elsewhere due to early voting that the polls have been off and there may be a McCain upset. We shall see.

-Cindy Lou Who


Anonymous said...

I think McCain is going to win. Viva la Bradley Effect!

Anonymous said...

The whole sate of California is not "blue." Only the big city centers and a swath of land about 50 miles wide along the coast is "blue." The rest is free. Unfortunately, the enemy listens to the "blue" section.

And just when did the freedom loving states and people become "red" (the traditional color of Communism), anyway? That's another successful manipulation of our language in the enemy's favor.

Dave 10302008 / 1030