Thursday, September 25, 2008

Mommy Dearest Is Still In Play, Mah Nigga

[I swear to God, all this hysterical hatred and piling on Sarah Palin is going to backfire on the Obamable Snowmen! This is, of course, assuming the votes will be counted honestly and negroid ascendancy is not already a done deal for this wretched country. Here's another little something I picked up off the Net. - HAC]

You have to wonder what journalists and pundits do in their spare time, because they obviously aren’t doing any real research into their stories. As these isolated talking heads continue to scratch their heads as to why Obama isn’t doing better, the best reason they can come up with is “racism.” Never mind all the other reasons why people might not worship at the Altar of Obama, (his cult-like status is enough to scare me) never mind the rest of it.

But it doesn’t surprise me one bit to read the latest study that upwards of 30% of Hillary Clinton supporters are not budging in their lack of support for Obama. Oh, once again, the pundits will wring their hands and suggest that it’s just because we’re the “low information, low educated, redneck, racist” portion of the Democratic party. (Never mind the fact that I find myself to be better educated on this election than most everyone I know, and I happen to have a university degree.)

Never mind the fact that while it’s perfectly acceptable and understandable to these pundits for blacks to vote for the black man because he is black, it’s not understandable why women might actually be excited about having a female on the ticket to vote for, even if she’s a conservative.

If any of these so-called journalists actually did their homework and read a few of the PUMA blogs out there, they’d actually understand what’s really going on here. Let me lay it out to you again:

1. Obama stole the nomination through caucus fraud and a sham roll call.

2. He then snubbed Hillary as his VP in favor of a Washington insider, Joe Biden.

3. Sexism against Hillary made all this possible and acceptable.

4. John McCain has shown he is willing and able to listen to PUMAs and thus brought a female VP to his ticket.

5. Sarah Palin (contrary to popular stereotypes) is smart, accomplished, and accessible - she is an inspiration to many of us Hillary supporters who were dejected and disappointed to see the best qualified Democratic candidate - Hillary Clinton - get tossed aside for an underqualified male.

Nowhere in this list of reasons do I see “I don’t want to vote for Obama because he is black.” I won’t vote for Obama solely due to reason 1 - HE STOLE THE NOMINATION! Never mind all his other baggage. For that reason alone, Obama will never get my vote.

You’d think someone in the media would figure this out by now - unless, of course, they are complicit in covering up the voter fraud. Hmm. Makes you think, doesn’t it?


Josh Lyman said...

But WILL the votes be counted honestly? I think this is something you need to start looking at, Harold.

Anonymous said...

WTF, Palin is 1/4 jewish, her husband is a part-eskimo mongrel, she has no apparent spirituality as shown by her eagerness to slaughter noble animals like Wolves, she is a total neo-con stooge and fanatical xtian. Hard to see how she could be any worse.

Unless she had 10 mongrel children instead of 5. I'm with the niggas and liberals on this, she is pond scum.

And do a 'net search for McInsane's adopted WOG daughter.

Mike Petersen

Anonymous said...

This girl obviously doesn't understand the first rule of living in a Politically Correct society--NIGGERS GET A PASS. Always.

The Old Man of the Mountain said...

I agree. Palin and Potato Head are TERRIBLE. But the alternative is a NIGGER, Mike. N-I-G-G-E-R.

Anonymous said...

This is the second time that I've seen her referred to as a Jew in the comments. The first time, the poster, perhaps the same one as above, claimed that she was a Jew of Lithuanian extraction, but the Wikipedia page on her does not mention any ancestors from Lithuania, only Ireland, Germany, and England, nor does it mention anything about her being a partial Jew (Wikipedia seems to usually mention Jewish ancestry if it's there). Harold, have you heard anything about this?


Anonymous said...

But how is a nigger worse than a jew-controlled puke who is so disgusting he may as well be a jew himself.

If McInsane was actually a jew, who would be the better choice, an evil jew or a simple-minded nigger?

Tough choice.

Mike Petersen

The Old Man of the Mountain said...

Hi, Matt.

Nothing definite. The thing that convinces me (so far) that she's not is that the ISRAELI media, which I read on a regular basis, aren't shouting it all over Sodom and Gomorrah and the Garden of Gethsemane, which they would be if she were a Jew.

Also, given her repeated neocon pro-Jew statements, I'm sure if there were a hose nose in the woodpile, Sarah would be bellowing the fact from the rooftops.

However, my mental jury is still out. Can anyone come up with a DEFINITE, FOR SURE cite or source that says Sarah Palin is part Jew? (I don't mean one of our own blogs; some of "our" people I'm sorry to say have a dodgey relationship with the truth.)


Roger Hughes said...

Interestingly, yesterday nigger Congressman Alcee Hastings from Florida (the former Federal judge who was impeached and removed from te bench for incompetence and corruption) called Sarah Palin a racist and an ANTI-SEMITE. No idea where the hell the stupid coon gets that, in view of the way she kisses Israel's ass in public.

Anonymous said...

I agree, Harold. Another thing to consider: how many partial Jews have been born to modest blue collar parents in Idaho?


Anonymous said...

Roger, she is accused of "anti-Semitism" because she has supported Buchanan and Paul.


Anonymous said...

mike petersen you are the insane
one got a problem with people in power and women in power sounds like it to me and by the way could you survive the torture Mr. McCain did i don't think so you chicken shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

women power