Tuesday, September 2, 2008

I Have A Dream

Just FTR, I don't want anyone, and I do mean anyone, to get the idea that I have been in any way intimidated or distracted from the central theme of this blog, which is the changing of history through one supreme Act. I haven't forgotten my Dream of a world sans BO.

I have to concede this democracy crap is a very interesting sideshow, although perhaps Grand Guignol freak show would be a better way to put it. It's very easy to wander off on silly tangents over things like conventions and buy into, or appear to buy into, this thoroughly bogus idea that any of that happy horse shit means something.

It doesn't. We need to bear in mind the by now indisputable fact that we are all aware of somewhere in our subconscious, that these elections are all as phony as a $3 bill. They are rigged, their results are predetermined in advance by men in business suits without souls who control the Diebold corporation and its voting machines, and we really have no choice as to whether or not we will have a geriatric and senile old thief sitting by the door in the White House, or a gibbering anthropoid.

That decision has already been made for us. I suspect it's Monkey Meat, or he simply would not have been allowed to get this far. Of course, one man among us can still un-decide that, if he cares enough to surrender his own life in exchange. So far we haven't found that one man, and probably won't. South Africa and Rhodesia never did.

The chances that the lightning bolt of change, of human intervention in the schemes of devils, will ever occur, are almost non-existent. But we can all dream of the glorious day when we turn on CNN and see the screaming, hysterical, blubbering media talking heads howling like dogs, and know that all of a sudden the sun looks a little brighter, a weight has been lifted from our souls, and life seems a little more worth living.

Effectively, I can do nothing to bring that Day of the Dream about myself. But I will never cease to speak of it.


Anonymous said...

Your dream is shared by more people than you realize, Harold.

Anonymous said...

Never fear to dream, Harold. Sometimes the Lord makes dreams come true.