Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Potato Head Rising

I tell you, whoever is running Mr. Potato Head's campaign is fornicating brilliant.

Potato Head "suspends" his campaign to rush back to Washington to "fix the economic crisis," thus making himself look dignified, experienced, and patriotic. Of course, he knows, and I know, and anyone with the intelligence of grapes knows it can't be fixed, that the Jews have finally tripped over their own shoelaces and America may well be finally going down the tubes, but who cares about facts? They only get in the way.

If Hussein doesn't follow suit he looks inexperienced, shallow, and selfish, which of course he is. He looks like he's running around the country undulating his big flapjack lips and not giving a damn about anything except himself while an older, wiser, and more patriotic White man selflessly gives up his campaigning for the good of the country.

On the other hand, if Monkey Meat does follow suit he'll go stumbling back to Washington and run around the corridors of the Senate pretending he understands what the hell is going on, which of course he doesn't since BO has all the economic knowledge and financial skill of a leprous armadillo. Okay, granted, few of the rest of Congress have any idea WTF is going on either, but the Funky Monkey will look incompetent, much more than most, and make a fool of him trying to use big words he doesn't understand and explain ideas he is genetically incapable of grasping.

In the meantime, Monkey Meat is standing around the corridors of the Senate like a third leg with nothing really to do, instead of being out sashaying in front of the adoring media and their cameras. Also, it gets McCain out of that stupid debate. (How does one "debate" with an animal?) There is no way McCain or Palin can ever win any so-called "debate" or event where the Obama cult's controlled and adoring media serve as judges and manipulators, and McCain is smart to avoid these stupid dog and pony shows.


Jean said...

I don't believe that "the jews finally tripped over their own shoelaces." I believe that it was all planned. Planned for a very, very long time. I find it quite ironic that at the end of my life everything is falling apart. It makes me feel like I've been living in HELL for 61 years and that soon my real life will begin. Just watching the business channel for a few minutes this morning I saw them all as DEAD THINGS. No life there. Just anti-life deadness. No creativity, no spark of life, no love, no truth, no curiousity, no NOTHING. It's as though I have been part of a play for 61 years and now the curtain is coming down on this false world and when I breathe my last breath...THEN something beautiful will begin....not here...but there.

Anonymous said...

What I find so ridiculous is that they are going to print up $700 BILLION more, set up a hedge fund when the government can't even balance it's OWN budget, and THEN, as if THAT wasn't the biggest bonehead move, they're going to get Wallstreet crooks, (ie. the dipshits who got us into this in the FIRST PLACE) to RUN this hedge fund and decide what bad debt they're going to buy. Since when have they EVER done the jobs they were supposed to?

All they're going to do is drive inflation through the roof. The last 9 months inflation has been climbing. It's because of the Bear Sterns bailout, and that was only a few paltry billion. I can see gasoline at $50 a gallon (not to mention all the other necessities, you know, silly things like food and shelter that the ones in power could care less if the white Amurrcan has) in a couple of years over this $700 billion, on TOP of the AIG and Freddie and Fannie recent bailouts.

There should have been a revolution long ago, and yet the average Amurrcan just reads (if he CAN read) these articles on the economy, etc. and just sips his beer and burps at the screen and says 'somebody should do something.' Really disgusting. We all deserve to die horrible rotten deaths.

Anonymous said...

"genetically incapable" - thank you. And don't forget he'll be going "ook, eek" as well.