Saturday, September 6, 2008

Neocon Bimbo Better Than Monkey Meat

Yes, I know, Sarah Palin is a brain-dead neocon bimbo who was nominated solely because she has a pair of tits on her in an effort to steal Sea Hag voters from the Democrats. Well, hell, if the Democrats can run an affirmative action candidate, I see no reason why the Republicans can't do so as well.

Her neocon ranting at the convention merely proves what we all know: that four years of Mr. Potato Head will be four more years of Jug-Ears in reality. Big surprise.

If the alternative wasn't so horrible and shameful I'd be hammering on Potato Head and this bimbo hard, but the Democrats have managed to come up with the one candidate more physically nauseating than these neocon jerk-offs. A nigger is not acceptable, anytime, anywhere, for anything. Potato Head and his skank won't be saying much of anything intelligent or new when they get in, but at least they won't be saying booga booga booga.


Anonymous said...

Why are these Presidential choices always so goddamned HORRIBLE?

brian boru said...

Because the jew decides who will be on offer.

Anonymous said...

Except that every day Whites are a smaller percentage of the population, and our median age becomes older, so the sooner *SOMETHING REALLY BAD* happens the better.

I hope BO wins it, and when Joe Sixpak can no longer get tasty salted lard bits to munch on while watching his fav niggerball team cavort, and then his TV screen goes black and heated air from his furnace no longer flows out to warms him, perhaps he will finally DO SOMETHING!

Mike Petersen