Thursday, June 26, 2008

Who Will Cack Barack Obama?

I'll tell you someone else who isn't going to be too happy with BO--and that's all his homeys down on the block.

You see, whatever vote fraud the Funky Monkey does in fact employ (or is employed for him by his mysterious and as yet unidentified handlers) in order to get elected, the Booga Booga and Thunderbird crowd on the corner is going to claim the credit for trooping to the polls and voting in this faux "bruthuh."

How do you think they're going to feel when BO is elected, there he sits in the Oval Office with Michelle crawling around on the floor and getting her fleas all in the carpet, and he turns out to be nothing more than a sock puppet for the smart Jews who have been running him from behind the scenes all along? You know, the mysterious pale-skinned backers who came up with that $250 million no one quite seems to know where he got? (Or is even asking?)

I'd give almost even money: when somebody finally parts Hussein's nappy hair with a bullet, if it isn't someone hired by Hillary, it will be some wasted street coon from a D.C. gang or some other "disillusioned Affikin-Amurkin" who has finally realized that Brother Barry has sold de cullud folks down the river.


Anonymous said...

The Obamanation is a Chicago street coon. He therefore HAS to have made some bad enemies down through the years. He may be knocked off by some of his old drug dealing buddies or some street gang he pissed off or ripped off back in his old days on the block.

Keith Frost said...

I stumbled across some neo-Zionist and right-wing Jewish blogs today, Harold, and hoo-boy do they ever seem suspicious that Obama is a secret Muslim. I think your prediction that Obama will be whacked is spot on, but I don't know if it will be before or after he assumes the office of the Presidency. Perhaps the lack of a valid birth certificate will mean Obama will live if it becomes an issue and prevents him from being elected, but do we ever live in interesting times.