Saturday, June 28, 2008

Michelle Has Fleas

I know everyone is going to think I am making this up, and since I can't go into detail on my source for this information without getting someone in very, very bad trouble, I'm just going to have to accept that. But this is the goods, guys. This is straight up.

Michelle My Belle Obama has fleas. No kidding. Her "condition" is generally known throughout her campaign team and has caused problems with cleanup in hotel suites, after she leaves TV studios, and on buses and planes. Apparently she doesn't just have fleas, she has a lot of fleas, to the point where it's noticeable, as in they hop off onto white table cloths at campaign dinners, etc.

BO's Jewish spinmeisters are going batshit trying to keep this from public knowledge, and of course the subservient, Obama-worshipping media are playing along, just like they played along by deep-sixing Michelle My Belle's videotaped anti-Whitey rant of May 5th, 2008 at Trinity Church and pretending it never happened. No one dares to speak to her about it because Hussein himself has placed her off limits, but part of her so-called "image softening" recently reported in the New York Times is supposed to be a diplomatic attempt to get her to bathe more frequently and use a medicated flea soap like vets use.

Just thought you assholes would like to know what you're letting into the White House.


The Old Man of the Mountain said...

Yeah, I know, this is a re-run, but I'm going to be re-posting this one often. We need to get soe traction on this one and spread the awareness.

Anonymous said...

I think people simply don't comprehend the enormity of putting these beasts in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Body lice and other vermin are common on blacks in public schools. I have never yet had to arrange for treatment for a white child with head lice; with blacks it seems to be almost normal.

Anonymous said...

I can believe it. She literally looks like an ape. Barack looks like some kind of slithery bookie or pickpocket or junkie, but Michelle has a face like a gorilla.

Anonymous said...

You think it's only Michelle that has fleas? You've heard the saying 'lay down with dogs, get up with fleas'? What are the odds that Obama doesn't have fleas also?