Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Murdering Negro Democrats

[For those of you unfamiliar with him, Bill White is a mini-Fuhrer living in Roanoke, Virginia. He's an odd duck; he's been hanging around the periphery of the Movement for about six years now, and no one has quite figured out what his real name is or what his actual agenda is. The majority of what he produces, especially lately, is more or less drivel, describing his angst and his nervous breakdowns, etc. But I will concede this: about one in ten of the articles he posts are real gems. This is one. - HAC]

Murdering Negro Democrats
by Bill White

Democracy demands that we allow the "people” to elect whomever they choose to office. It demands this because it is the "best” way to choose "best” leadership.

Sometimes we forget the second sentence. We forget that the reason we have democracy is because we want the best leadership. We are supposed to tolerate inferior leadership as an accident of the system, and permit it to misguide society, being not the best leadership, because it will be removed during the next election.

But what if “people,” defined as whatever monkey animals the system allows to vote, are criminals and drug dealers and pimps and whores and homeless drunks who sit on street corners sucking down malt liquor and all the wicked of the world?

These people pick leaders who are like them — who use the authority of the state to protect immorality, to protect crack dealers and prostitutes and rapists and killers — and they do so repeatedly, driving out of the system the good and the best, and driving in the dross and the worst.

This is where the media is supposed to be a check on the system — but then you take a press controlled by the Jews, who are demons, and who exist to toment man on this earth, and who encourage the worst elements of society into positions of power precisely because they desire to see good men suffer.

At what point does this democracy lose its legitimacy, cease being the "best” system, and become something we must take up arms against and replace with a white fascism that systematically murders the corrupt and spoiled elements? "Who are you to judge what is or is not corrupt?" the wicked and the deluded always scream? Well, I am the man with the gun pointed at your head … is anything more needed?

Right and wrong, moral and immoral, exist as transcendent absolutes, but they are transcendent absolutes that can be detected and seen with a moral sense that is diseased and blinded in some members of the race, and absent in the non-white races. If someone can’t see it — if they have to ask — then they are sick, and the mere fact of asking the question answers it. If you don’t know you are good, then you are evil.

Right and wrong in practical terms — human terms — are nothing more than the function of the barrel of the gun. The same diseased soul that asks “What is right? What is wrong?” of a white man with a gun allows a nigger to rape, murder and rob with the same gun, without question. They allow this because the Negro responds to the question “Who are you to do this?” with the answer “I am the nigger with the gun.”

Its time that white men became the ones whose morality begins and ends with the barrel of a gun — and its time our guns were pointed in our interests, against the political system and the system of the press that allows decadence, vice and wickedness to rule.

The Hindu who wrote “Gang Leader for a Day” noted that the Democratic Party of the inner cities is largely run by black organized crime, with which it operates hand in glove. I have observed the same thing in the small inner city of Roanoke, where Negroes enjoy undue influence because of the deals they have made with white Democratic leaders, who allow them to operate black crime in Roanoke’s inner-ish city.

I think rebellion against this system doesn’t start with a spectacular killing, or the murder of one prominent Negro — it starts with many small killings, killlings so small that no one really cares about them — they attribute them to the street crime that defines the anarchic life of the Negro. A Negro agitator, a Negro councilman, a reporter with the local Jew press, maybe one of his or her editors — small people, people of the dime a dozen category that come and go from society all the time without anyone substantial noticing their absence.

Many small killings, chipping away at the foundation of the system, Negro by Negro, Jew by Jew, politican by politician, reporter by reporter, until, one day, the edifice finds its foundation is gone … and it topples … and it collapses.

Just a thought …

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