Monday, June 2, 2008

De O-Man Gone Owe De Homeys

You folks need to understand that if BO is elected President in November, based on all those millions of nigger votes, it won't be like a White election where one side says "Yay, we won!" and the other side says "Aw, we lost!" and then everybody goes on about their business.

Blacks don't think that way; their sense of racial cohesiveness and racial self-interest is far superior to ours, the only thing of theirs in fact that is superior to ours other than their ability to bounce a stupid ball on a hardwood floor. Once the niggers vote "their" candidate into office, they are going to expect some payback, and Obama probably has enough rudimentary sense to give it to them.

So how can he pay back all his homeys in a way that will cost him nothing but pen and ink? Simple. On his first morning in the Oval Office, the Obamanation calls for a big stack of blank pardon and commutation forms to be stacked up on his desk, and he starts a mass release of negroid criminals back onto the streets of America, undoing in a few days or weeks all the slow reduction of violent crime and improvement in the quality of life that has been achieved by successive conservative governments who find they can get equal political mileage by keeping these violent apes locked up.

No one really gives a damn about the wretched White victims of these black animals' violence, of course. The politicians are rich enough to live in fortified communities and send their kids to fortified exclusive private schools, hire private "security contractors" to guard their wealth and their precious pale asses against the hordes of shit-skinned predators this creature in the White House will release.

No, it will be the poor working class White people who are robbed and raped and butchered, the young White girls from the wrong side of the tracks who are inveigled into drugs and tricked out as whores, the elderly veterans of Korea and Baby Boomers who missed the Boom part who will be beaten to death in their homes when the monkoids break in to steal and vent their hate against all Whites.

You think things are bad now? Wait until that baby-shit brown baboon gets into the Oval Office.

Of course, I suppose it's always possible that one man, somewhere in America, his name now unknown, will take it upon himself to lay down his own life that others may live, or at least have a chance to live.

Yeah, right. Pigs may fly, too.


Anonymous said...

10 Things To Do Before The Election:

1. Clean your rifle.

2. Clean your handgun.

3. Sharpen your knives.

4. Make sure everyone in your household knows how and when to use the items in 1, 2, and 3 above.

5. Lay in stocks of water purification supplies, ammo, any required medicines, and food in that order.

6. Make sure your vehicles' gas tanks are always at least half full.

7. Map out escape routes from the cities to your SAFE area (Selected Area For Evasion).
Try to pick routes away from major traffic arteries.

8. If possible, preposition supplies from #5 at your SAFE area.

9. Since the trend is to burning property during riots, buy several inexpensive fire extinguishers.

10. KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT about your preparations.


Darkness Bitch said...

i hope you dont mind this but i am going to post this post on my 360 with yer name and url will give credit where its due and will post yer url on my blast on 360. i love your posts/work!


that is my 360 =)

Anonymous said...

I remember reading about the 'groid violence in San Francisco when willie was elected mayor, if McClown doesn't win, I will probably be glad to be here in North Idaho on election day.

'Course if the obamation does not win, the monkey men will go bonkers also.

Mike Petersen