Monday, June 23, 2008

Come On, Now, Guys. Enough Self Deception

Getting another raft of this "Maybe we need a nigger president to finally wake White people up" BS.

Wake them to what end? Okay, let's say they're "awake" now, however you define that. Then what?

That's just enother excuse for you to evade your responsibility and continue to do nothing. We all know it. If we're going to sit by and let this happen, let's at least not deceive ourselves as to why it's happening.


Anonymous said...

You know "Sly and the Family Stone" have found this blog now, and it's driving them nuts?

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's so much about the whites waking up... it's more about getting any image out of the general populace's mind about returning to the good old days of America, or the facade that the system works as is, if we just get the right people in power.

It behooves any WN to want to see the WORST possible candidates gain office, not the lesser of any choice of evils.

Jared said...

The great thing about an Obama presidency is that there are thousands of funny monkey and chimpanzee pics on the internet you can use.